Need Tech Talent in Southern California? What Prosum IT Staffing Experts Want You To Know

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Need Tech Talent in Southern California? Rick Tyner shares What Prosum IT Staffing Experts Want You To Know Need Tech Talent in Southern California? Julie Waskoviak shares What Prosum IT Staffing Experts Want You To Know


As you grow and align your business with customer demand, technology will play a pivotal role in your success and the right tech talent will get you there, faster. Our Prosum IT staffing experts,  Rick Tyner, VP Business Development and Julie Waskoviak, Account Executive, Southern California, offer a full-service team approach to help clients build a sustainable IT hiring process for top IT talent.

Here they share best practices and advice here for what you should expect during the IT recruiting and hiring process in the Southern California market:


Start the Process – Request IT & Tech Talent:

Time is of the essence when securing top tech talent and both Rick and Julie agree that using the available contact tools through LinkedIn and will get you to an experienced recruiting and staffing professional quickly. At Prosum, we prioritize response time of less than 24 hours in most instances; when reaching out to an Account Executive (AE) directly—you could hear back within the hour!


Understanding Your Brand To Build Your Unique IT Hiring Strategy

White Glove Service

After we have made a connection, your AE will schedule an intake session with your hiring managers and any stakeholders you present from your organization. Here is when your Account Executive will take time to understand your business and tech needs, and start to devise a plan. Julie Waskoviak shares,

“When getting to know a new or potential partner, I gather foundational information and genuinely enjoy learning about the company, challenges, growth goals, diversity initiatives, culture, and most importantly, the team.

This background knowledge provides a holistic overview of what the team hopes to accomplish with additional members. It also helps me understand what green and red flags to look for as resumes come in, streamlining the process, and avoiding confusion during interviews”

This type of attention is just the start of the high-touch service you can expect to receive throughout the entire hiring process. Rick Tyner adds,

“Our expert Account Executives offer a variety of white glove services to assist you in the hiring process. Some of these services include writing job descriptions, securing interview time blocks, providing a dedicated virtual meeting platform, weekly progress reports and expedited onboarding support. Prosum Account Executives are also great advisors, providing accurate compensation ranges and giving the client a realistic timeframe to expect to receive qualified candidates.”


Flexible Staffing Solutions

During the planning stage, another unique aspect to working with your Prosum staffing team is the staffing model flexibility that we can deliver. Depending on your organization’s requirements, Prosum can provide temporary, permanent, or contract staffing solutions.  Recruiters and staffing consultants will work with you to formulate a plan based on budget, timing, and technology goals to find talent that addresses short-term project needs, as well as long-term staffing requirements.


The Recruiting Process Begins

With your Prosum Account Executive leading the charge, the team expands to include the recruiting specialists who will execute Prosum’s proven proprietary recruiting methodology for sourcing and recruiting top tech talent. Julie describes the process here in detail:

“I invite a Senior Recruiter (or two) to join role-specific discovery calls to help create a detailed action plan for the entire recruiting team. While I focus on soft skills and cultural fit, our Recruiters excel at pinpointing the technical needs and identifying an excellent fit for the client. They ask insightful questions to understand the specific tech stacks and environment.”

Our Recruiters, all based locally in SoCal, maintain detailed notes on each candidate and have extensive networks of technology professionals.”

In addition to the technical skill sets needed for the position(s), it’s important during this stage to make sure we understand all the nuances of the role (or roles) you seek to fill. Some important prompts to think about include, but are not limited to:

  • Where will the new IT consultant sit? Remote, onsite, and hybrid distinctions are important to note.
  • What are the compensation details, fees, compliance concerns?
  • How will we prioritize a diverse hiring strategy?
  • Let’s ensure we convey your brand voice and company culture in job advertising and communications.


Continual Engagement Is Key

Interview Process and Client Relationship 

During the interview process, your AE stewards the experience. They coordinate availability and details, send out the invites, and join Team calls to introduce the candidate to the team. They manage the ‘flow’ of tech talent as well and keep a healthy pipeline going so there’s little downtime. There is open communication through email, text, and calls to reach each other, sometimes urgently, sometimes planned.

By providing prompt feedback to your Prosum Account Executive you should expect to be continuously interviewing candidates that are a fit for the role and selecting the best match. If limited on time, entrusting your AE to provide the best possible three candidates for a position to interview back-to-back may be more suitable for you.

Julie notes,

“We THRIVE on feedback! As quickly as our partners give us feedback, we’re able to pivot. Our Recruiters can instantly adjust their searches based on feedback and remain competitively committed to finding the right fit until the role is filled.”

We engage with you during every step of the process, and have found that our partner’s level of commitment helps to move the process along, ultimately helping to find the right IT & technology talent efficiently and quickly. In fact, the average contingent staffing firm in the US is filling about 20-24% of the openings they receive, while Prosum, due to this process, is tracking at filling 46% of the openings we receive.


Your Search for a Trustworthy Staffing Agency is Over— You Found #TeamProsum

Professional teams like Rick Tyner and Julie Waskoviak are at the heart of what makes #TeamProsum a staffing partner of choice. With service teams just like them spanning the West Coast and the Southwest, expanding to the North and Eastern regions of the U.S., Prosum finds the right talent efficiently and quickly.

Request IT talent today and learn more about our Prosum contributors below:


Rick Tyner

Rick holds a Master of Science degree in Engineer from USC, coupled with an impressive track record of over 25 years in the IT Staffing industry. His approach to staffing is uniquely comprehensive, encompassing aiding the unemployed in their job pursuits, assisting the employed in securing improved opportunities, and providing invaluable support to companies in their pursuit of success by sourcing the finest talent.

Renowned for his integrity, dedication, commitment, and perseverance, Rick stands out as a man of professional integrity. His candid and honest demeanor, along with his commitment to clients and candidates alike has earned him the title of one of the nation’s finest Recruiters and Staffing Professionals. He’s a recipient of the Who’s Who Industry Achievement Award, has been highlighted in various articles, and holds about 100 public LinkedIn recommendations.

Julie Waskoviak
Julie is a seasoned Account Executive at Prosum, where she specializes in IT and Engineering Recruiting. With over 10 years of experience, Julie has a knack for understanding the unique needs of her clients and works closely with recruiters to identify top candidates. She plays a critical role in the hiring process, ensuring that each step is executed seamlessly. Julie is particularly skilled at assessing candidates for cultural alignment, ensuring that they not only meet the technical requirements but also complement the team dynamics of her clients.

Personable and approachable, Julie’s success is rooted in her genuine love for connecting people. She is proactive, creative, and responsive, qualities that make her a reliable and trusted partner to her clients. Julie takes pride in the strong, lasting relationships she has built over the years and is committed to continuing to serve as a valuable resource for both her clients and her team at Prosum.