Information Technology Staffing: Bridging Technology and People Together Is the Prosum Difference

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Information Technology Staffing Agency is the Prosum Difference    Information Technology Staffing Agency is the Prosum Difference


Our Western Region recruiting and staffing experts, Rick Tyner, VP of Business Development, and Julie Waskoviak, Account Executive, Southern California, recently outlined a clear roadmap of what to expect when working with a leading information technology staffing agency that delivers a personalized experience that facilitates simplicity and efficiency without ever sacrificing quality.

Translation—Your dedicated Prosum account team will uncover every option to ensure that the most qualified tech & IT candidates are sourced and presented to you —the first time.

Our commitment to our valued clients and candidates is evident in the tenets below that summarize the Prosum Difference.


The Prosum Difference


An Information Technology Staffing Agency With Proven Results

Prosum DifferencYou will be pleasantly surprised by the elevated level of service you receive from  Team Prosum to the high quality of tech talent you will have an opportunity to select from. By partnering with Prosum, you gain sound advice, quality service, and increased chances of filling your open position by 92-130% higher than the average contingent firm.

Quality and Speed

Prosum has the talent and tools to quickly find suitable candidates, which can help you fill vacant positions efficiently, minimizing downtime and productivity losses. Prosum also balances the speed of hire with the quality of hire. We understand the urgency of needing technology talent ASAP, and balance it with careful evaluation and measurement of a candidate’s skills and behaviors to provide you with the highest quality resource.

Diverse Workforce

We present a diverse workforce without biases. We understand the basic goal of your company is to hire the best team that will deliver innovation, a diverse view of technology, and a wide variety of ideas to help you reach your goals, which are realized through a diverse organization. As a certified Minority Business Entity, we meet all of the requirements of most supplier diversity programs, including being minority-owned, managed, and controlled.

Flexible Staffing and Back-office Solutions

Prosum can provide temporary, permanent, or contract information technology staffing solutions. This staffing model flexibility allows your business to address short-term project needs, as well as long-term staffing requirements. In addition, Prosum can also be your payroll partner, providing high-quality services and benefits at a low cost of resources you have identified to bring on staff temporarily.

Seamless Hiring Process With White Glove Service

Prosum makes hiring easy for you. Our expert Account Executives offer a variety of white glove services to assist you in the hiring process. Some of these services include writing job descriptions, interview time blocks, providing a dedicated virtual meeting platform, weekly progress reports, and expedited onboarding support.

Recruiting Methodology

Prosum has a proven proprietary recruiting methodology for sourcing and recruiting top talent. Our Recruiters conduct thorough screenings and evaluations of every candidate we represent. This can include technical assessments, interviews, reference checks, and background checks. We aim to present clients with candidates who are not only technically qualified but also a good cultural fit for your organization.

Industry Insights

Prosum keeps up with industry trends, market demand, and emerging technologies. We can provide valuable insights and advice to you on compensation ranges, job titles, job descriptions, and skill requirements.

Cost Efficiency

Working with an information technology staffing agency to manage your hiring strategy can be more cost-effective than conducting the entire recruitment process in-house. Our experts save you time and resources associated with job creation and advertising, candidate screening, interview processes, onboarding, and more. This delivers more hours in your day to focus on business and growth goals while leaving the recruitment process to the professionals at Prosum.


Choosing Prosum As Your Information Technology Staffing Agency Makes the Difference

Our service teams of Account Executives and Recruiters work in tandem to find the IT talent that will be the best fit for your organization. With market expertise spanning the West Coast and the Southwest, expanding to the Northern and Eastern regions of the U.S., with #TeamProsum you will build a sustainable information technology workforce that fulfills your tech needs today and in the future.

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Rick Tyner

Rick holds a Master of Science degree in Engineer from USC, coupled with an impressive track record of over 25 years in the IT Staffing industry. His approach to staffing is uniquely comprehensive, encompassing aiding the unemployed in their job pursuits, assisting the employed in securing improved opportunities and providing invaluable support to companies in their pursuit of success by sourcing the finest talent.

Renowned for his integrity, dedication, commitment, and perseverance, Rick stands out as a man of professional integrity. His candid and honest demeanor, along with his commitment to clients and candidates alike has earned him the title of one of the nation’s finest Recruiters and Staffing Professionals. He’s a recipient of the Who’s Who Industry Achievement Award, has been highlighted in various articles and holds about 100 public LinkedIn recommendations.

Julie Waskoviak
Julie is a seasoned Account Executive at Prosum, where she specializes in IT and Engineering Recruiting. With over 10 years of experience, Julie has a knack for understanding the unique needs of her clients and works closely with recruiters to identify top candidates. She plays a critical role in the hiring process, ensuring that each step is executed seamlessly. Julie is particularly skilled at assessing candidates for cultural alignment, ensuring that they not only meet the technical requirements but also complement the team dynamics of her clients.

Personable and approachable, Julie’s success is rooted in her genuine love for connecting people. She is proactive, creative, and responsive, qualities that make her a reliable and trusted partner to her clients. Julie takes pride in the strong, lasting relationships she has built over the years and is committed to continuing to serve as a valuable resource for both her clients and her team at Prosum.