What Is It Like To Work At Prosum?

Employee Testimonials

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What Is It Like To Work With Prosum?

Client Testimonials

Working with Prosum has been the best experience I have had over the years when it comes to working with technical recruiters. A great ability to understand the needs and expectations and work on the proper fit and positioning. Timely follow-ups during the entire process to collect or relate feedback and work on best strategies to get to target. Prosum’s team is extremely capable and it’s been a real pleasure to work with everyone involved. Prosum does not drop the ball. They went all the way to get what I needed and have been following up regularly afterwards to stay in the loop. Remarkable experience.

Alexandre D., Microsoft Principal Data & AI Cloud Solution Architect

I’ve had the honor of being on a few projects Rick has managed, and see him lead with precision but also see his knack for listening and resourcing others so that they rise up as capable leaders. I’ve worked for him on volunteer projects for the community, and now value him as a friend. Even so, he continues to awe me by the way he can manage a huge volume of work in a highly efficient manner and still give personal attention to individuals. You’d never know he’s managing hundreds of calls and emails or dealing with sensitive issues when he speaks with you in the most thoughtful and caring way. His ethical grounding and mental agility help him convey confidence in a way that is contagious and empowers others to be their best. His versatility also compels me to recommend him for leadership roles in a broad range of categories and capacities.

John W., Innovation Hybrid

The team at Prosum is great to work with. They are extremely helpful, knowledgeable about the IT industry and friendly. I highly recommend the services that Prosum provides.

Akhil K., Sr SAP Consultant at Rich Products Corporation

Job Seeker Testimonials

Brooke, I really appreciate your assistance, advice, and efficiency in helping me find a great opportunity and then bringing it to fruition. You made each step of the way easier and your preparation guidelines were very effective. Thank you very much for matching me with such a great position!

Agi S.

Brooke is one of those rare people we are blessed to meet. It is obvious how much pride she takes in her work. She really takes the time to understand your goals and gives 100% to find that right fit. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else!

Dominique K.

Amien, Aside from that I want to personally let you know you’re an awesome recruiter. Not only do you communicate and follow up well, you’re professional. This makes you stand out from the rest of the sea of recruiters out there. Hopefully your managers see this as you have my utmost recommendation.

Prosum Candidate