What Differentiates the Right IT Staffing Partner?

Consistency of Service and Leading in Diversity
Is the Prosum Difference


Today’s employment landscape, particularly in the tech industry, sets the stage for an increased need for contingent staffing delivered by the right IT staffing partner. As companies right-size their tech workforces, they also understand that innovation marches on, so remaining competitive is paramount. In order to remain competitive, having a skilled IT workforce in place is critical, although when facing economic downturns, how that workforce is staffed might change.

That’s where a credible, consistent IT staffing firm can make a significant difference, but  selecting the right partner requires some effort. A quick search and you will find an abundance of technical recruiting and staffing firms that could potentially fit the bill: access to top talent, industry expertise, unique solutions, and of course, filling roles at the right price.

At Prosum, we check those boxes and also stake claim to other important differentiators that sometimes fly under the radar, but are definitely silent gamechangers!

What Is the Prosum Difference?

Consistent Staffing Teams

Team Prosum consists of some of the most talented and knowledgeable staffing personnel in the industry. In fact, the average years of experience for our recruiters and Account Executives (AEs) is nearly 12 years!

Further, our average total recruiter and account executive tenure at Prosum is nearly 5 years. When reports show that 36% of recruiters stay in a job for only 1-2 years and 29% stay for less than a year, our tenure rate is remarkable. What this means for consultants is that our recruiters support them and understand their career expectations. They know our talent pool and work to find the right opportunities that fit them. Likewise, clients enjoy familiarity, comfort, and trust in working with their Account Executive partners on building talent solutions for their business.

Additionally, not only are our recruiters and AEs familiar faces at Prosum, our teams work as teams! There are differences in roles and responsibilities in a staffing firm that often boils down to a “sales VS. recruiting” mindset. At Prosum, we strive to treat both entities equally, because both groups have inherent value in our business. Our recruiters and account executives work side-by-side with the end goal only of finding top talent and new business while retaining both.

Market Expertise

Did you ever hear the old adage: sometimes when you try to be everything to everyone, you wind up being nothing to no one? At our IT staffing firm, we are hyper-focused on the markets we serve – knowing them inside and out and finding talent that is ready to get to work. Our Account Executives and Recruiters are fluent in tech staffing in the Los Angeles, Orange County, Denver, and Phoenix markets.

Technical Knowledge and Industry Specialization

We find the tech talent that is hard to find because we understand what they do and how their skills apply to greater business needs. The super-niche, highly specialized tech professionals who are at the top in their fields are part of #TeamProsum. Our recruiters and AEs are well-versed in key technologies and skillsets most sought by companies looking to grow and innovate.

And while we place IT professionals in the most in-demand tech roles across various industries, we’ve also carved out a niche in two particular industry sectors where the need for tech talent is exploding: Government and Healthcare. As the increased demand for tech talent in Government IT and Healthcare IT continues to grow, it’s important to remember it is also specialized. For Healthcare IT roles, tech professionals must be skilled in industry-native technologies built for medical facilities, with the added layer of maintaining sensitive patient data. The same rings true for Government IT roles, which can also be subject to different rules and regulations for public sector jobs vs. private sector ones. Our staffing agency understands the importance of screening, vetting, and managing compliance concerns to mitigate risks associated with working in a Government or Healthcare tech environment.

Embracing Diversity Is in Our Foundation

Prosum was founded on diversity, as both our Co-CEOs are members of minority communities. More than half of our leadership is female, while 45% of our corporate staffing team as a whole is female.

Essentially, Prosum embodies diversity both internally and in the talent solutions we provide to our clients. We are a certified MBE business through the Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). Our team emphasizes and implements diverse best practices in our efforts to find IT talent for our clients. We meet all of the requirements of most supplier diversity programs, including being minority-owned, managed, and controlled.

Most recently, we have been named to Staffing Industry Analyst’s 2023 Diversity-Owned Staffing Firms List, that features firms in the US and Canada with this designation that service all industries.

We Lead Differently

With a leadership team focused on “Servant Leadership.” Chad Heinrich, President at Prosum so eloquently summed up this way of leading:

It’s funny because I hear people asking leaders how they find the time to listen to the people in their company. I think a better question is: How do you not make time to listen to your employees? When I have an opportunity to spend time with employees, I genuinely want to get to know them better. What are their goals? How are their families? What matters to them?

In a workforce landscape where many professionals, specifically IT professionals, can feel cast aside, it’s refreshing to know that leaders are thinking about their team’s well-being, even in the face of potentially tough conversations.

Why Choose Prosum As Your IT Staffing Partner?

The reasons outlined above paint the picture of the Prosum Difference in the industry—and it all harks back to our core mission: putting the human touch back in technology, and bringing people and technology together. If you are ready to work with an IT staffing partner that champions this approach, whether you are looking for a new opportunity or need new talent to help your business succeed, speak with one of our staffing experts today.