Optimizing Government Tech Hiring

Big tech might be in the midst of right-sizing its IT workforce, however, industries across the board that are in continual need of tech talent, including government bodies—local, state, and federal—are brimming with opportunities. This increased need for government tech talent also requires increased job education by staffing experts aiming to build solutions for government partners. Tech recruiters can focus on helping tech professionals understand the roles that are out there for them in the government sector, while at the same time account executives work with government hiring managers on temp, contractual or direct hiring options to fill their talent requirements.

Stability and Availability in Government IT Jobs Attracts Tech Talent

Historically, one of the challenges for attracting top talent for government positions has been that some roles lack the ‘bells and whistles.’ These high-profile, private-sector tech jobs typically miss some of the perks that Big Tech employees have become accustomed to. However, a tech job in the public sector can be the foundation of stable employment in work that is vital to maintaining the security, infrastructure, and safety of our local neighborhoods and the country at-large, which often translates to a greater sense of community purpose and job satisfaction. Government IT workers also experience a balanced work-life, with structured PTO, set calendar holidays, benefits, continued educational opportunities, and more.

In addition, the skill sets in demand for government IT roles cover a wide spectrum. Tech skill sets can range from foundational and general tech knowledge suited for help desk environments, data analysts, IT project managers, and more, to highly specialized skills in cyber security, defense architecture, and experimental and exploratory roles for new innovation.

Further, it’s been reported that over 30% of the government workforce will be set to retire in the next few years; tech talent will be needed more than ever creating opportunities that tech professionals may not have anticipated.

What Government Tech Roles Are in Demand?

The roles in highest demand run the gamut. According to recent job postings, some of the top tech-based roles sought by government entities include:

  • Cybersecurity Specialists
  • Computer Scientists
  • Statisticians
  • Engineers of all disciplines (Chemical, Civil, Environmental)

In a 2020 survey, the federal government also indicated a sharp increase in demand for tech professionals with AI, Cloud, and DevOps skills, but also underscored the perpetual struggle in finding talent to satisfy the demand. Today, with government spending in IT initiatives expected to increase, coupled with tech talent looking for new opportunities following layoffs, we could see access to candidates—and interest from them—increasing.

How Can an IT Staffing Firm Bridge the Gap for
Government Departments Seeking Talent?

One quick online search and jobseekers can find a number of job boards dedicated to government-sponsored tech roles. However, there are often multiple levels of connection and process steps that require time and diligence to follow through. Candidates working with a trusted recruiter at an agency that has long-standing relationships with government entities, will experience a distinct advantage to removing layers of process for a more fluid, seamless hiring experience, whether it be for contract positions, or direct hire opportunities.

For local, state and federal agencies searching for talent, working with an experienced IT staffing firm provides choice and direct access to vetted tech professionals who can grow into a role immediately. For immediate projects requiring a specialist who can solve a tech challenge within a defined engagement period, pursuing contract professionals is a top reason to enlist the help of an IT staffing expert as it eliminates responsibility for sourcing, recruiting, processing, and more by an already lean government department. If a more permanent, long-term tech workforce is desired, direct hiring through an IT staffing firm is a viable option, helping local, state, and federal departments build a team of IT experts for the long haul.

If you are a professional looking for a role in Government IT, or a government department looking for top IT talent, Prosum’s experienced IT recruiters can help. With more than 25 years of experience serving Orange CountyLos AngelesPhoenix, and Denver, we can supply your team with the qualified, specialized IT talent you need, or, offer great job opportunities that suit your skills and experience. Get in touch with an IT staffing expert today.