Collaboration and Proactive Recruiting Solves a 24/7 IT Help Desk Challenge for Major Medical Facility

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A leading medical facility in the Southwest U.S. region demanded a sustainable solution for staffing their 24/7 help desk operation requiring undesirable shifts. Prosum delivered a repeatable solution to recruit a pool of qualified help desk tech professionals to maintain optimal IT support operations at the healthcare facility.


In a post-COVID environment, a top 100 U.S healthcare facility with 2,400 employees and over 600 physicians required an IT staffing and recruiting partner to help optimize their help desk team with reliable consultants. They were struggling to fill shifts for the 24/7 operation as the schedules were undesirable—overnights and weekends.

Healthcare IT solution for 24/7 help desk staffing challengeSOLUTION:

Prosum worked closely with their healthcare client to implement a robust recruiting and hiring solution. This solution included a detailed screening process, a training component, and a work schedule restructuring with the hiring manager.

  • A comprehensive screening process assessed candidates’ technical skills, examined and vetted work experience, and determined availability.
  • Prosum delivered training to the candidates on IT infrastructure that outlined specific support needs of the help desk. The training included protocols for COVID-19-related concerns as well as best practices and tips for working night shifts and weekends.
  • Prosum collaborated with their client to build a flexible scheduling structure for the help desk shifts, leveraging more coverage with fewer people. They were advised on establishing a compressed work week, staggered start times, and rotating shifts to help reduce scheduling gaps.



Amidst a continued IT talent shortage, particularly within the healthcare IT sector, Prosum delivered a customized staffing solution for their client which improved the quality of support for hospital staff, patients and visitors, ultimately improving overall patient care. Since the summer of 2021, Prosum has successfully staffed 34 Help Desk Support IT Professionals.


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