Senior-Level Developers for SLED IT Roles Secured in Less Time, With Zero Attrition

Prosum expertise in the State, Local and Education (SLED) vertical for government IT positions was critical to the success of an accelerated volume-hiring initiative.



When Prosum’s SLED client was underway with a large-scale application transformation, they needed a high volume of .Net developers to join an in-flight project.  IT professionals were to be contracted through a tiered start date effort, with expectations of having an immediate impact on a high-visibility project. The recruitment target was to acquire a total of 15 senior-level resources to be placed throughout a three-month timeframe. With average hiring times for senior-level developers hovering in the 40-45 day range, acquiring multiple senior resources in a compressed timeframe required a robust, concerted effort.



Prosum’s Phoenix team partnered closely with all stakeholders to construct a successful, multi-faceted hiring model, comprised of the following:

  • rosum expertise in SLED IT vertical for government roles secures senior-level developers with zero attritionAn intake session was conducted with all stakeholders, including hiring leaders at the SLED department, vendor partners responsible for project deliverables, Prosum Strategic Account Executives, and the local Prosum recruiting team. Participants of the session outlined the project timeline and established milestones and deliverables to set staffing priorities and expectations for a volume-hiring solution.
  • Prosum’s market expertise, particularly as it pertains to the SLED technology vertical within the government sector, was critical in ascertaining key input from hiring leaders to build the necessary profiles for the caliber and quantity of required resources.
  • Weekly and ad hoc meetings were established with all stakeholders for a consistent cadence of communication. Through these meetings, Prosum delivered technology market intel, reviewed technical and culture fit screenings, and detailed candidate debriefs, all of which helped to efficiently adjust recruiting efforts.



The SLED department hired nine developers from Prosum within two months and paused on the other project needs, due to the quality and seniority of the consultants provided by the Phoenix recruiting team. Through Prosum’s proven knowledge of SLED, our client centric approach and highly tenured teams, we quickly identified the right fit with no turnover or attrition and thus streamlined the entire recruiting process saving the client significant cost in both investment of time and money.