The Importance Prosum Places on Our Recruiters and Account Executives

Recruiting requires a sales approach. Especially in the IT staffing field, where increasing shortages of top tech talent require a higher level of tenacity. As the leading IT staffing agency in Denver, Los Angeles, and Phoenix, Prosum supports an incredibly talented team of driven expert recruiters and an equally dedicated team of account executives that serve our clients every day. What are the realities these two sets of parallel professionals’ face? How does Prosum treat these teams differently than other local employment agencies—and why does it matter?

Recruiters and Sales Reps Equally Matter. Here’s why

There are two primary pistons within the beating heart of a modern IT staffing solutions agency: 

  1. The sales team, or account executives, flush out new business clients with IT staffing needs.
  2. The recruiting team finds the top tech talent promised to the client by the sales team. 


Sales and recruiting exist in a symbiotic relationship within the staffing agency world. One simply can’t exist without the other or the business would fail.

We know that, ironically, many staffing agencies in the IT field do not treat recruiters as equal to their sales team. We’ve seen many local agencies start new employees in the recruiting space and get “promoted” into an account executive (sales) position when they perform well. We’ve also seen IT staffing solutions companies pay lower commissions to their recruiters than their account executives. Both roles sell. Both roles depend on each other for the firm’s success. The reality is, without new job orders to fill, the firm can’t be successful, and without top tech talent, the same thing happens.

Sales Verses Recruiting: Which Matters More?

Prosum understands our sales and recruiting teams are what keep the lights on every day.

“We are only as good as the new business we bring in. We are only as good at the talent we identify to fill these roles.”

Our industry understands how difficult it is to sell in the competitive staffing field. But we also understand how difficult recruiting can be.

For these reasons, we treat our account executives and recruiters equally. Plus, we only hire experienced professionals on both sides of the sales and recruiting fence. Our clients depend equally on these talented, hardworking teams to deliver what we promise. And then we take it one step further.

At Prosum, account executives and recruiters work side-by-side. It’s a more effective collaboration between these two skill sets. Sometimes our recruiters manage accounts where their strong relationships help keep the customer satisfied. We’re fine with that. The point is that we give our teams the tools and support they need to always be successful with our clients and the top tech talent we find.

But we also put our money where our rhetoric is: We pay sales and recruiting the same in salaries (based on experience) and commissions. The entire idea is quality service, better delivery, better pay, and a stronger understanding of the realities of what our teams face each day.

If you’re an account executive or a recruiter interested in a different kind of work environment, call on us to explore your options. Prosum is one of the best IT staffing agencies in the three markets we serve: Denver, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. Talk with our team today about how we’re different—and how we can help your career take off.

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