What Makes Prosum a Premier Employer of Choice in California?

The American Staffing Association says there are around 25,000 staffing agencies operating offices in 49,000 locations. But only 11% of these organizations take on staffing in the competitive and technically challenging IT field. In California, staffing agencies send out more than 353,000 temporary workers weekly, with just 4% in the “computer and mathematical” fields. Prosum has been successfully working in the IT field since it was founded in 1996. We’ve carved out a specialized niche with a reliable track record for our clients and candidates. It’s difficult to find a staffing agency with the expertise and experience to conduct technical recruiting. Fortunately, Prosum has a long track record of matching the best talent in IT with top employers in Southern California, Phoenix, Denver, and beyond. Whether you are a tech job candidate or an employer, we know you have choices when selecting a staffing agency. This blog will help you understand why Prosum is not only different—but better. 

What Sets Prosum Apart As A Great Employer?

Prosum Wins SoCal Best Place To Work 

In 2022, Prosum won Best Places to Work SoCal in the Small Employer Category. Prosum leadership focuses on taking care of employees, which translates to a better customer experience for both candidates and companies because our teams are engaged, energized, and dedicated to success. 

The American workforce has an engagement problem. Gallup says more than one-third of employees in this country (34%) are disengaged from their work. Prosum not only selects our recruiters for exceptional technical skills, but we also look for employees who want to build something greater than themselves. This is why candidates and employers choose our firm. 

Why Candidates Choose Prosum 

Ask any candidate with IT skills what it’s like to work with recruiters, and they’ll probably roll their eyes. Recruiters have a bad rap with IT candidates because many times these staffing industry professionals don’t understand tech. Candidates choose Prosum because our recruiters specialize in tech and speak the language of IT in a way that generalized staffing agencies do not. It allows our teams to make connections to highly skilled technical resources when so many other staffing agencies cannot. Prosum recruiters ask the right questions, and it ensures that an IT candidate will fit more than the technical job requirements. Prosum tech candidates also find the perfect fit for their personal and professional goals. 

Why Clients Choose Prosum 

The dedication of Prosum’s highly skilled technical recruiters translates differently to companies searching for IT talent. Many of our business customers come to us frustrated and unable to fill their hiring needs. Many have already worked with generalized staffing agencies that failed. Prosum recruiters have networks of tech talent that helps us overcome the obstacles of hiring in IT. Clients choose us because we can scale when needed but can also carefully target direct hire or contract roles in highly specialized niche areas. It’s a high-touch experience designed to find the right candidates to meet your hiring goals.

Prosum Core Values 

No article on Prosum would be complete without mentioning the core values that shape our work every day: 

  • Bounce
    Our teams are resilient and agile in competitive IT markets. We always focus on “how” we bounce back from adversity. 
  • Giving Forward
    Our teams are mission-driven to give back and pay it forward. 
  • Being At Cause
    Our teams work within a culture of accountability and ownership, always taking responsibility even if we have caused less than 1% of failure 
  • Strive To Be Better
    Our teams practice being a learning and feedback machine—and it makes us better every day. 
  • Inspiring
    Our teams are passionate about what we choose to do and engaged in inspiring others to do their best work. 

Ready To Partner With A Premier Employer? 

Find out for yourself how we’re different. You can start the conversation with Prosum at 1-888-318-4780 or info@prosum.com.