2023 Tech Industry Trends To Keep an Eye On

Technology continues to evolve quickly, but not so quickly that we can’t predict future trends. At the end of each year, tech futurists predict what’s next in IT for investors, employees, and companies. We took a look at the predictions for 2023. Here’s our crystal ball for tech in the coming year. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is here—get used to it. The idea of AI is fueled by decades of Hollywood movies, but the reality in 2023 isn’t even close. Today, AI is nothing more than machine algorithms. But the impact reaches far beyond the computer code. Could AI take your job someday? Maybe. But employers are working to retrain staff to use these new tools to improve their efficiency, not compute themselves out of a job. AI will likely create more jobs than it destroys while freeing humans from mundane tasks in the process. 

The evolution for 2023 is that machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) will make computers more interactive and user-friendly. In fact, the term “AI” is used when more accurate descriptors would be ML and NLP. These algorithms will improve your experience online, in your car, on your phone, and virtually anywhere else you have computer equipment nearby.  

How To Prepare for This Trend: IT workers must modernize their stack by adding a machine learning certification. Given that AI offers some of the highest-paying jobs, it’s a good investment. 

Green Technology

2023 will likely bring some breakthroughs in the efforts to stop or slow down climate change. Forbes predicts a breakthrough next year on green hydrogen, a cleaner burning energy source with close to zero emissions. Two major energy companies are working on a green pipeline that funnels energy from wind farms. Other energy suppliers are working on decentralized power grids located close to communities that will kick in if the primary grid goes down. Forbes points out, “Right now, our energy system is primarily dominated by huge gas and energy companies, but decentralized energy initiatives have the potential to democratize power worldwide while decreasing carbon emissions.”  


Next year, you might experience a robot concierge. Or, a robot delivery drone. A robot may greet you at your nearby retail outlet. Watch for more robots in warehousing, manufacturing, and logistics. Companies are working hard to make these machines more human-like in appearance and in behaviors as they interact with us. Check out this video 

How To Prepare for This Trend: Consider a career in robotics engineering. Udacity offers online classes and there are also bootcamps to introduce you to this field. 

Edge Computing

Edge computing is our answer to the billions of localized internet of things (IoT) devices online today. Instead of sending that data to a remote cloud data center, the idea of edge computing is that the data will process in more localized locations. Edge computing helps avoid some of the latency associated with the cloud, giving new meaning to the phrase “real-time.” In 2023, the edge computing market will hit nearly $7 billion. This will create new jobs for software engineers. 

How To Prepare for This Trend: Stay on top of the latest cloud evolution to edge computing. Some of the jobs of the future include Cloud Reliability Engineers and Cloud Infrastructure Engineers.  

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