Meet the Interview Team (Diana Huang, Laura Castorina, Jamie Contino, Chad Heinrich, Eleni Tio, Lexi Pettit)

Prosum’s team that interviews our Account Executive and Recruiter candidates consists of highly experienced, smart, warm leaders that span across our organization. Candidates consistently rate their interview experience with Prosum as a positive and meaningful step toward a new career path. Are you looking for a new role? Here are some great interview tips from Diana, Laura, Jamie, Chad, Eleni, and Lexi. They are standing by to help you take your career to the next level. 

Meet Diana Huang 

Diana Huang is the Vice President of the Prosum Southern California Market. Located in Los Angeles, Diana has more than 13 years with Prosum alone in the competitive, fast-paced staffing industry. She had this to say about her motivation to keep plugging away, even when things are hard: 

“Whether in life or business, we face unexpected challenges that sometimes knock us off our feet. However, whenever we fall, bounce back up and persist through the challenge, we exercise that internal resilience that allows us to do and achieve the hard things.” 

Diana also has some advice for candidates looking for their next opportunity. She says: 

“Be clear in what you want and be direct about what you know and don’t know. Most importantly, relax, be yourself, and let’s have a conversation.”  

Meet Laura Castorina

Laura Castorina is the Lead Talent Specialist at Prosum. Her career in the staffing industry dates back to 2013. Located in Phoenix, Laura is also a mom and an avid audiobook listener.  

AE and recruiter job candidates should bring these four things to the interview process: 

  • Authenticity (Laura says, “I want to meet the real you.”) 
  • Honesty 
  • ALL of your questions (She says, “Even the embarrassing questions.”) 
  • Your metrics, experiences, and production details 

Laura conducts interviews with candidates seeking to join Prosum as technical recruiters. She had this to say about the interview process at Prosum:

“I love asking candid questions because the right people will let down their guard and share real, raw, authentic answers. It helps me gauge if I am on an effective path toward building trust and rapport with the candidate—something that is very important to me.” 

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Meet Jamie Contino

Jamie Contino is the Director of Strategic Accounts and Managing Director of the Phoenix and Denver markets at Prosum. She’s been at our firm for more than seven years.  

One of Jamie’s favorite interview questions for sales reps and staffing recruiters is, “What is your biggest motivation at work.” She says, “While it’s a basic interview question, it provides a ton of insight into the type of person I’m hiring. People are sometimes afraid to answer, ‘Making as much money as possible is what motivates me.’ But this is a great answer! My teams are motivated by money, and with Prosum’s uncapped commission structure, I want to know the candidates we hire aren’t going to take their foot off the gas.” 

However, Jamie cautions staffing and sales candidates to “know your numbers.” She states: 

“In commission-based work, you need to know your ratios as they relate to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We are results-driven, but you can’t get the results if you don’t put in the work. Come prepared with tangible information. It’s always impressive when someone knows the business well enough to rattle off their ratios.” 

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Meet Chad Heinrich

As Prosum’s President, Chad Heinrich leads the entire production team and takes the organization’s core values seriously. His focus is on serving—the team, candidates, and clients—Chad practices servant leadership every day in his job. We interviewed Chad recently, and he had this to say about the idea of servant leadership, “I think a good leader is more made than born, but a good servant leader experiences strong mentorship early in their personal and professional life.”  

Chad’s mentors helped him early in life and carried him into his professional career. But his leadership style also served him well. He has this advice for other business leaders: 

“One of the most important attributes of an effective Account Executive is to listen. If you aren’t an effective listener, you’ll miss takeaways from the clients you serve to the detriment of your team and your business.” 

Meet Eleni Tio 

Eleni Tio is the VP of People Operations at Prosum. She’s been with the firm for more than a decade. Like Chad, she credits mentors as helping achieve her career goals. That’s why she’s a strong advocate for mentoring programs in businesses like Prosum. Eleni says:
Mentoring is the most important thing I can think of to help a professional career grow. Mentoring helps both mentors and mentees and I know that I’ve thrived professionally and in my life from these kinds of initiatives.” Eleni likes to hear from candidates about who they learned from in their careers and what type of mentors they have seeked out in order to level-up.

Eleni is also all about taking risks and trying new things. She likes the idea of “failing forward” something many entrepreneurs swear by as a process to help lead them to the business venture that finally hits pay dirt. We interviewed Eleni and she said:
“At Prosum, we all understand that it’s okay to make mistakes and learn, something that many people talk about but don’t always do. Our team has built something important here, a safe space for risk taking and ultimately, high performance and accountability.” Eleni likes to ask candidates about the mistakes they made throughout their career and looks for what they have learned from their experiences. 

Meet Lexi Pettit 

Lexi Pettit is the Senior Recruiting Manager of our Southern California Market. A resident of Irvine, California, she’s been in the recruiting industry since 2015. She’s great at leading others with an attitude of, “We can do this.” We interviewed Lexi, and she said: 

“You must have an attitude of preserverence to make it in the IT staffing industry. It’s tough to provide our clients with great candidates to help support their talent acquisition strategies. But our entire team succeeds because we do a great job staying motivated despite any conflicts or obstacles. It’s like that saying, ‘Are you having a bad day or a bad life?’ The idea is that bad days happen during the search for top tech talent, and sometimes even bad weeks. We’ve all been through it, and it’s bound to happen again. But it’s that adversity that pulls my entire Prosum team together. When I interview candidates for my recruiting team, I look for resilience and I ask them questions specific to times when they faced adversity and how they bounced back from it.” 

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