Laura Castorina’s Advice on Finding Inspiration All Around You

Laura Castorina is the Lead Talent Specialist at Prosum, spearheading relationship-building with highly skilled technical recruiting and account executive talent. Her genuine curiosity, sense of humor, and candor make her a “fan favorite” among IT recruiters and account executives. We interviewed Laura and found out more about the books and people that inspire her every day to do her best work. 

In Laura’s Words: Finding Inspiration All Around You

I enjoy this work so much. Every day brings new challenges, and no two days are the same. My goal is always to represent my authentic self to corporate candidates. Anything less will ring false to this highly intelligent workforce. So, I stay focused on effectively navigating the highs and lows of the job while staying honest with where I’m at personally and professionally. 

During the pandemic I learned a lot about staying the course by tuning-in to where I’m at every day. From there, I can create a plan of action to be successful no matter how I’m feeling. Fortunately, this work lets me acknowledge my strengths and capitalize on them. If I’m feeling 

introverted, there are resumes to review and meetings to schedule. On the days when my energy is higher, I do a lot of videoconferences and calls with IT recruiters or account executive candidates, giving and sharing energy around our love of the field.

My work patterns vary as a result of this new approach. Some days, I schedule myself in tight work blocks and set a timer for each. Other days, I’m lighting a candle, drinking hot tea, and playing music while I work. I find a lot of developers work in the same way. For me, I’m learning a lot right now about how to self-manage in this new way. 

Staying motivated while working remotely is something that we’ve all learned to do. I seek a lot of inspiration almost daily from people that I see overcoming adversity. I also read a lot. I highly recommend: 

  • Brene Brown’s “Rising Strong” 
  • Carol S. Dweck’s “Mindset, The New Psychology of Success” 

Also, I’m a huge fan of Prosum’s leadership team. They walk the walk every day. I’m continually inspired by watching them authentically live Prosum’s values. They know—and I’ve learned from them that when conflicts and obstacles arise, they are to be expected and ultimately, they bring the greatest opportunity for growth. What makes these executives so effective? I think it is: 

  • Developing a growth mindset that focuses every day on scaling small, repeatable steps to get to a larger goal. 
  • Always operating with integrity. Recruiting firms really have two clients—the sponsoring organization that pays our fees and the talent. You can’t sacrifice one for the other in this business, but must serve both authentically and to the best of your abilities. 
  • Prioritization of competing demands is an art form that our team exhibits every day.  
  • Organization is a critical component of any task-driven job, but it’s particularly important to a staffing agency like Prosum. We serve dozens of clients every day, each with their own set of goals. Keeping that all straight is a full-time job. 
  • Boldness is an attribute that you may not consider, but I see it manifest in Prosum’s leadership all the time. The market for IT talent is tough so you have to make bold decisions to achieve your goals. 
  • Finally, a sense of humor about the work. I personally love bonding with a candidate and sharing a laugh to set them at ease.

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