Diana Huang’s Bounce Theory and the Characteristics You Need to Lead

Diana Huang is a Prosum Vice President, responsible for leading the Southern California market and team. We interviewed her and found an extraordinary level of commitment to a mission-driven approach that permeates the entire Prosum team. Diana shares what makes a good leader in the high pressure and competitive staffing industry. What does she say leaders really need in today’s competitive marketplace? You’re in for some big surprises. 

In Diana’s Words: The Characteristics of Leadership 

I believe in the power of bounce. In recruiting, but also in life, you have to be able to get back up when something knocks you down. Standing up after a setback allows you to practice strengthening your resilience muscles. It’s this kind of perseverance that makes the Prosum team so effective at finding the quality candidates that our clients need. This is one of the reasons why we have made “bounce” one of our core values. 

The candidate market today is volatile and difficult. That’s why so many companies turn to Prosum. We look for recruiters who have an excellent track record of hiring success. Then we train them to be even more resourceful and resilient. We couple their efforts with some amazing leaders at all levels of the Prosum organization. At Prosum, we believe strong leaders support an even stronger team.

What makes a strong leader at Prosum? I believe it’s:


Listen. Listen for what is being said and what is not said. Listen to understand where the other individual is coming from. We apply this principle here internally with our team, with our candidates and with our clients. Our goal is to help our team, candidates and clients solve their problems, but where we start is to first understand where they stand today and where they hope to go. This is what allows us to create the best match possible with our candidates and our clients.  


We don’t make assumptions. Instead, we stay curious in our quest to seek understanding. With our internal team, we remain curious as we solve problems. With our candidates, we ask the right questions to discover their greatest strengths and what they are looking for in their next home. With our clients, we ask the right questions, not only to determine the right technical and cultural fit, but also to determine how these individual fits in to solve the bigger picture to achieve their goals and objectives.  

Being humble.

We celebrate small and big wins on our teams but there are no egos here. Our teams, from admins up to the CEO, are hands-on and willing to share their expertise. But they aren’t afraid to share what they don’t know, either. We know we don’t have all the answers, but by working together, we can figure it out. 


Our leadership team practices putting the needs of our team before ourselves. How that translates on-the-ground is a level of passion and engagement across our entire organization. Our leaders and teams believe in our mission of helping clients solve staffing challenges by putting people into meaningful work.

My belief in these leadership characteristics crosses over between the business life and my personal life. I’m a Mom to wonderful little boy who I tell, “You can do anything you put your mind to.” In the end, I want him to achieve his greatest potential and be happy. I feel the same way about our Prosum team. I’ve been so privileged to work with exceptional people every day in this business. I don’t take this privilege for granted, either. It’s what gets me out of bed every morning and what drives me to be a better leader every day.

Looking for a Different Kind of Staffing Agency? Consider Prosum

Diana’s attitude about leadership and work is a cultural norm at Prosum. If you’ve worked with staffing agencies in the past who do nothing to build your brand and improve the candidate experience, call us. We can change your mind about how staffing agencies can truly help you meet your hiring goals.

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