Goal Setting and Moving Forward with Jamie Contino

Jamie Contino is the head of Strategic Accounts and Managing Director at Prosum for our Phoenix and Denver markets. She is responsible for identifying new business while steering her teams to bigger and better partnerships with the clients we serve in the markets she leads. We asked Jamie to describe in her own words the best practices that make her not only a good goal setter but also a good goal achiever.

Risk-Taking in IT Staffing Solutions

One of my mentors is Chad Heinrich, the President of Prosum. I’ve worked with Chad for more than a decade and he has been a trusted leader for an extensive part of my professional career. Chad and I worked together prior to Prosum, and he relocated me from Florida to Arizona. Over the years, he has provided me with the guidance that helped me become a top producer.  

Throughout my career, Chad has continued to coach me on strategic thought leadership, how to persevere in difficult markets and to never give up. 

When we joined Prosum to start-up the Phoenix market, I knew there was considerable risk – I was leaving behind a sizeable and top producing book of business. But I realized I was getting complacent and needed a challenge. With the support of Chad, the Prosum leadership team, and my husband, we were able to focus on building a new market—a risk that paid off!  

We’ve been able to build a supportive work environment and whether it’s one-on-one venting sessions that turn into strategy meetings, or team building events that allow peers to connect and share their struggles—it’s important every team member knows they’re supported.  Sometimes people need a personal reset and to hear how others have bounced back from difficult times.

How to Find Top Talent Through Goal-Setting

I believe perseverance is a top attribute in succeeding in technology staffing and it begins with goal-setting. Setting achievable and stretch goals is critical for the success of our teams and clients.

I provide clear expectations for my team and work with them closely to find out what they need to be successful.

I’m here as a strategic partnerI can be an escalation point, a sounding board, or a producer alongside my team. Together, we focus on our clients’ goals which mirrors our own: to find top technology talent.

I really enjoy watching team members grow by achieving the goals they’ve set for themselves. I’m genuinely proud of the people I work with, whether it’s handling difficult situations or hitting career milestones, their successes is rewarding and inspiring. There’s no better feeling than seeing my team proud of their hard work.

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