3 Solutions to the Cloud Skills Shortage

Staffing agencies already know that employers are just figuring out: We have a cloud-based staffing shortage on top of the lack of top tech talent we’re already facing. In our rush to the cloud or hybrid on-prem/cloud models, we forgot that our legacy IT teams have a skills gap. Gartner pointed out what is becoming obvious in their 2021-2023 Emerging Technology Roadmap report; The U.S. is missing the top tech talent we need to move to the cloud. Here are three things you can do right now to close the gap.

1. Upskill Your Skilled IT Workforce To Bridge the Cloud Gap

What are we missing when we say there is a cloud skills gap? Data management, networking, and security are just three areas that require new skills that are different from our on-prem knowledge.  
The reality is that your legacy team of applications engineers understand the workflows and architectures that make up your IT infrastructures. They are highly valuable resources that you must retain to keep things running smoothly. But in the new hybrid cloud infrastructures, don’t neglect the learning necessary to keep them interested and engaged but also skilled enough to handle these migrations. In fact, upskilling your current workforce is probably the best way you can ease any growing pains associated with cloud adoption. To do this, it takes planning and a reskilling strategy to guide the learning. We know it’s difficult to pull this off. It takes time and money to reskill your existing labor pools. That’s why Prosum offers the best in IT talent to fill these gaps. Our skilled technology experts can free up your existing teams to concentrate on learning new skills. We also have the talent to help lead your teams to achieve their goals.  

2. Make Use of a Variety of Cloud Service Models

Leverage your cloud partnerships by making use of smart solutions to help you do more. In addition to software as a service model (Saas) you can make use of security as a service models or infrastructure and platform self-service models to help your teams work smarter. You can also seek out job candidates who have experience in the cloud environments you frequent or supplement your staff with these specific areas of expertise. 

3. IT Staff Augmentation To Combat the Cloud Skills Shortage

Reskilling your existing workforce takes time. IT turnover is an additional challenge. Into this volatile mix is the steady drumbeat of your organizational transformation, which requires the cloud to achieve your goals. How can you respond? The answer may be IT staff augmentation as a tool to reduce your cloud skills shortage.

The data shows us that 86% of U.S. IT leadership say that the cloud skills shortage will slow down our project work. The answer, many believe, is IT staff augmentation.

IT staff augmentation can provide you with the resources you need to free up your existing teams while undergoing cloud training. Or, IT staff augmentation can fill-in resource gaps related to moving to the cloud in the areas of DevOps, security, and more to keep your organization running smoothly. Staff augmentation can help you scale up projects. It is a form of temporary staffing tailored to the IT industry that is both highly beneficial to your cloud migration but also at any time you need top tech talent. These can be short-term or long-term assignments or projects, and they also give you the opportunity to test-drive if someone can make a good employee that you can eventually hire directly.

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