Staying Flex and Overcoming Obstacles: Meet Lexi Pettit

Any recruiting manager from our local employment agencies will tell you there are a lot of hiring challenges these days. We are still living through “The Great Resignation,” so in addition to facing retention issues, many companies are struggling to find the top tech talent they need. Lexi Pettit understands this. She’s the Prosum Senior Recruiting Manager for the Southern California market. Lexi supports her staff of recruiters in their efforts to help find the best candidates for our clients.

We asked Lexi to tell us, in her own words, what keeps her, and the team motivated in the volatile and difficult hiring markets we face.

This Too Shall Pass

To make it in an IT staffing solutions company, you must have a sense of “This too, shall pass.” Providing our clients with great talent to help support their talent acquisition strategies in any of our markets, whether it’s Denver, Los Angeles, or Phoenix is tough. But our entire team succeeds because we do a great job of staying motivated despite any conflicts or obstacles we face individually. It’s like that saying, ‘Are you having a bad day or a bad life?’ The idea is that bad days happen during the search for top tech talent, and sometimes even bad weeks. We’ve all been through it, and it’s bound to happen again. But it’s that adversity that pulls my entire team together.

Risk Taking IT Staffing Solutions

Where do I, and my team, get this strength in adversity from? I would say from various places, but for me, it took leaving the industry for a time to figure out this is exactly the work I need and want to do.

When I left the staffing agency field, I knew there was a chance that my career pivot would make it hard to return. At the same time, being brave enough to come back was just as much of a risk because I knew I would need to stay at my next firm for a minimum of two to three years to achieve my goals.

“Making a big career pivot is like you’re committing to a long-term relationship after just a couple of dates.”

It can make you nervous. Would I like the company, would I like my boss, did they have the same goals and values in mind? You don’t really know these things for certain unless you give it a shot.

Ultimately, I’m so glad I did, because it spearheaded my leadership career and gave me the opportunity to excel and know that at Prosum, I’ve finally found my professional home. As a bonus, I’ve found my career pivot is an extremely helpful story to share with top tech talent who are understandably nervous about switching jobs.

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