March is Women’s History Month and we would like you to Meet the Women in Leadership at Prosum: Jamie Contino, Amien Conway, Diana Huang, Lexi Petti, and Eleni Tio

You’ve heard the expression, “Women hold up half the sky?” At Prosum, our women leaders hold up more than their fair share of our recruiting business. We make it our practice to support women in tech, and we do this in part by hiring and promoting highly qualified females throughout our company. We know that the ratio of women to men in tech needs some shoring up, and the female leadership in our firm are highly focused on making connections to further this goal.

We’d like you to meet our women tech leaders on the Prosum team. All are highly qualified and knowledgeable about technology and the industries we serve. We are lucky and proud to have them on our team.


Jamie Contino

Jamie Contino is Prosum’s head of Strategic Accounts and the Vice President of our Mountain West region. She works hard to build new B2B partnerships that benefit both Prosum and our clients. Jamie is a risk-taker, at least when it comes to Prosum. Seven years ago, she left a stable position to help launch the Phoenix market on our behalf. With her emphasis on goal setting and her focus on building a strong sales pipeline, Jamie was almost certain to succeed—and she did. Today, Jamie is leading our Denver market as well, and building new partnerships that benefit everyone under the Prosum umbrella, from job candidates and our employer clients to the employees themselves.


Amien Conway

If you run into Amien Conway in Denver, congratulate her on a recent promotion to Recruiting Manager at Prosum. It takes big motivation to work through the challenges of finding technology talent these days. Amien is a great example of how her emphasis on recruiting best practices can build a business.

We asked Amien how she keeps her new team motivated, despite the typical challenges in IT recruiting. She said, “I try to be specific about activities that support our established goals. We like to break down the end goal into daily building blocks while cumulatively working toward the broader purpose. It energizes me to be helpful to help the team identify and overcome obstacles that can be altered, improved, or removed altogether.”


Diana Huang

Diana Huang is a Vice President of Prosum, responsible for the Southern California region and Staffing Operations. She is a skilled, determined, and strong leader, focused on helping her team knock down challenges until they reach their goals. Diana believes so strongly in the concept of bouncing back when things get hard that she helped Prosum work the idea of bouncing back from adversity right into our core values.

We asked Diana what makes a great leader and she said: Empathy, curiosity, humbleness, and altruism. Anyone that works with Diana knows that she exhibits these skills every day. It’s what makes her such a vital part of our culture.

You can read more about Diana here.


Lexi Pettit

Lexi Pettit is the Prosum Senior Recruiting Manager for the Southern California market. She leads her talented team of IT recruiters by helping them stay motivated in the tough and challenging world of tech staffing. Lexi believes that perseverance and dedication is exactly what it takes to find the best IT has to offer in the region. Throw in a dash of humor and it’s clear that this Prosum leader has what it takes to succeed in this business.

Lexi believes in taking measured risks and has an excellent track record of achieving goals. We are so lucky to have her leading our talent team.

Find out more about Lexi here.


Eleni Tio

Eleni Tio is Prosum’s V.P. of People Operations. She brings 20+ years of experience to our team and leads our Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and Marketing departments. Eleni is also the first woman on the Prosum board of directors. She is a strong advocate for having and being a mentor, in order to push forward in the learning and growing journey of ones career. Eleni says, “Mentoring is the most important thing I can think of to help a professional career grow.”

Eleni is also a strong advocate for the cultural imperative that allows employees to fall forward. Existing in a culture that allows employees to take risks, learn, and sometimes even fail, helps people grow both professionally and personally. Eleni is a big part of helping that culture thrive at Prosum.

You can read more about Eleni here.


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