Hiring Veterans For Government-IT Roles in SLED

Tap into this growing talent pool of Veterans entering the workforce after military duty to fill in-demand tech roles in the SLED (State Local and Education) sector of government IT.

The tech talent gap has been a concern for hiring organizations for several years. During the restructuring of many large tech enterprises over the last two years, mid-size organizations and government-based IT departments capitalized on a window to attain tech talent and become more competitive in the talent market. One group that is a fantastic resource for filling tech requirements is our nation’s Veterans. As military members transition to civilian work life, hiring Veterans for government-IT roles in the SLED sector is a perfect answer to the skills gap many face.


Veterans Have Sought-After Transferrable Skills – Think Leadership!


Many service members in our modern armed forces experienced intense training that helped them develop a unique set of skills. The technology employed by the U.S. military offers a solid foundational understanding for its members – from understanding how to install remote telecommunications equipment to advanced cybersecurity implementations, there are many military members who have been exposed to these technologies and have a working knowledge of them. This creates easily application to the product and service technical development that the private sector needs.

Fullstack Academy suggests that while the general public perceives military members as being trained for field work, there are over 10,000 specialties that align with civilian work called “Military Occupational Specialties” that many service members are trained in. Service members hold roles ranging from intelligence Analysts to Network and Database Managers, which translate quickly to non-military positions.

In addition to hard skills in tech, Veterans are a great asset because of the soft skills they have cultivated. Working in teams, assuming early leadership positions, and adapting to high-stress, fast-paced environments transfer to their quick deployment in a new working environment. As more emphasis is placed on hiring professionals with a broad range of skills and for demonstrating the ability to learn quickly on the job, Veterans are a good fit.


Veterans Are Already Part of the Government Ecosystem


While tech skills have notable cross-over traits, working in a government-based job can be different than a civilian job. There are often different requirements and also added layers of security, as well as meticulous screening of candidates, due to access to sensitive information.

This is one of the top concerns that government hiring managers cite when finding new candidates. Hiring Veterans is a good solution. While tech staffing firms, like Prosum, employ a stringent background screening and vetting process for all their candidates, a Veteran has likely been screened by government departments as well, which makes hiring a Veteran for a Government-IT role in the SLED department a quicker process.


Hiring Veterans for Government-IT Roles Will Increase Diversity in the Workforce.


The Veteran talent pool creates an added resource for workforces because of its size and diverse makeup. It is estimated that each year, 200,000 military members transition to civilian work life. Pew Research notes that over the next 25 years, the share of women Veterans, Hispanic Veterans, and Black Veterans will continue to increase, creating a more diverse talent pool as well. We also consider the diverse experiences that Veterans attain to contribute fresh perspectives and insights in new tech roles.


Hire Veterans To Build Your SLED Tech Workforce With Expert Help

In addition to assuaging some common concerns by SLED tech departments have for hiring talent through an agency, there are more benefits to building a tech workforce with a staffing firm’s help, including A unique approach to finding qualified talent through years of relationship-building by long-standing technical recruiters who know the market, know the candidates, and know tech.

If you are a professional looking for a role in SLED tech roles in Government IT, or a government department looking for top IT talent, Prosum’s experienced IT recruiters can help. With more than 25 years of experience serving Orange CountyLos AngelesPhoenix, and Denver, we can supply your team with the qualified, specialized IT talent you need, or, offer great job opportunities that suit your skills and experience. Get in touch with an IT staffing expert today.