How Tech Staffing Firms Help Close the Skills Gap for SLED Tech Roles in Government IT

Partnering With an IT Staffing Firm That Knows the Market Finds Readily Available Top SLED Tech Talent

When we think of tech jobs, historically the first work environment that bubbles to mind are the Big Tech jobs that set the pace for emerging technology, consumer innovation and award-winning products and services. Following the shift in tech hiring in 2022 and 2023, we saw another shift in demand, with a growing focus on securing top talent to help digitize non-tech industries as well. With this, we also factor in government tech, particularly for State, Local and Educational (SLED) tech roles, as part of this redistribution of talent, as the SLED IT sector faces critical challenges to optimize their technology environments.


Helping SLED Tech Departments Shore Up Their Talent Needs

In December, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers, NASCIO released its top state CIO priorities for 2024 and they easily mirror those that are faced by both large public and private companies across most industry verticals. For government IT, we know that digitization is incredibly important to solve for immediate needs of residents, from accessing government documentation to applying for benefits and services.

In addition to the top 10 priorities that are often most publicized, like AI and machine learning advancement, cybersecurity, cloud computing, etc., “Workforce” also ranked as a top 5 concern for state-level CIOs.

SLED Tech jobs - State CIO 2024 Priorities


This priority echoes that SLED government IT divisions face the same talent shortages and skills gaps that other companies have been experiencing, and in some cases with the added layer of misconception of attainability or lack of knowledge of open tech jobs in government. For many years, government roles were often sought after because of their stability and longevity, yet professionals may not have been aware of how to get their foot into the door to obtain one. These coveted roles almost came with an air of elusiveness and exclusivity – “How can I even land a government job, who are the contacts and connections, how far back in a long list of applications am I?” Thankfully, the highest government leaders are placing tech development as a top initiative, carving pathways with programs and services designed to attract tech talent, offering yet another viable career path for tech professionals.

Another path for both professionals to find opportunities and government agencies to match for top talent is through an experienced IT staffing firm with a strong connection to the government sector.

While a tech staffing firm can offer hiring strategies and solutions that are cost-effective and reduce-time-to-fill, there is sometimes a behind-the-scenes hesitancy to use a third-party, outsourced agency to find and secure talent. Here, we debunk some of the most voiced concerns, especially when you work with an IT staffing partner with a proven record and demonstrated knowledge of the SLED government tech industry.

SLED Tech jobs - solutions


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SLED Tech - company culture


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Build Your SLED Tech Workforce With Expert Help

In addition to assuaging some common concerns by SLED tech departments have for hiring talent through an agency, there are more benefits to building a tech workforce with a staffing firm’s help, including:

  • A unique approach to finding qualified talent through skills-based hiring that widens the talent pipeline
  • An increased network of tech professionals through years of relationship-building by long-standing technical recruiters who know the market, know the candidates, and know tech.
  • Increased access to diverse candidates through sourcing models and hiring strategies that meet all of the requirements of most supplier diversity programsincluding being minority-owned, managed, and controlled.
  • A flexible staffing model, complete with project-based, long-term contractual, and permanent direct hiring options that allows a government IT department to scale hiring up and down and manage budgets more closely.


If you are a professional looking for a role in SLED tech roles in Government IT, or a government department looking for top IT talent, Prosum’s experienced IT recruiters can help. With more than 25 years of experience serving Orange CountyLos AngelesPhoenix, and Denver, we can supply your team with the qualified, specialized IT talent you need, or, offer great job opportunities that suit your skills and experience. Get in touch with an IT staffing expert today.