What’s Your Ideal Work Culture?

How Prosum’s Work Culture Draws in Top Talent

Next to salary, work culture has consistently been a top driving force behind candidates accepting news jobs in any given company. Especially as Millennial and Gen Z talent generations are soon to become the workforce majority, an organization’s talent acquisition strategy and how they bring their culture to life during the recruitment process is critical.

Reeling in talent, however, is only the first step; retaining talent because your culture is genuine is the greatest catch! At Prosum, we’ve developed the winning formula for an ideal work culture, filled with the best talent.


Striking the Right Balance Between Teamwork and Autonomy

Creating a supportive culture filled with guidance, mentoring, and collaboration, while at the same time empowering team members to work independently, take risks, and flourish is part of the equation that defines Prosum’s work culture.

From Day 1 at Prosum, new team members are met with a comprehensive introduction to their new role and a welcoming atmosphere to support them. The onboarding process is extensive and incredibly detailed because after all, knowing who to call when you can’t log in to one of our programs is just as important as understanding your benefits package if you want to start the day off right! Plus, given that we’ve embraced a remote work lifestyle, it’s important that our members feel trusted to do their jobs successfully where they sit, but also know they have a support system to depend on.

Our team members follow a road map and are never in the dark about the goals they must reach, both individually and as a team. That’s often part of the issue in a losing culture: the goals are not clearly defined and/or the goalposts keep moving!  Recruiters and Account Executives in the Prosum ecosystem are given the right tech tools and access to decision-makers and peers within the organization to collaborate on the best solutions for our customers—alone and together.


“Everyone has skin in the game…”

Part of the beauty of our formula that clients have also come to enjoy is that our teams work as teams! There are differences in roles and responsibilities in a staffing firm and what we hear from candidates coming from other agencies creates a “sales VS. recruiting” mindset. At Prosum, we recognize and appreciate the unique value that each role brings to our business.. Our recruiters and account executives work side-by-side with the end goal only of finding top talent and new business while retaining both.

Co-CEO, Ken Aster states it perfectly here:

“Everyone has skin in the game, and it makes a difference in both the candidate and client experience.  

Prosum is dedicated to our performance management process focused on maintaining top-producing teams and motivating them through clear goals and expectations. We have an amazing leadership team that aligns with our goals and the best practices we use to achieve them. It creates a cohesive and motivating work environment, unlike any other staffing company or business.”

And we can back that up with data…


An IT Staffing Work Culture With Unprecedented Employee Tenure and Experience

Tech staffing is hard. Success is predicated on so many factors, many of which (like the economy) are beyond the average recruiter’s control. So, when reports show that 36% of recruiters stay in a job for only 1-2 years and 29% stay for less than a year, we have a widespread retention problem across the board.

Not at Prosum! Our average total recruiter and account executive tenure at Prosum is nearly 5 years. And our combined Average Years Total Staffing Experience is nearly 12 years!  In plain words, our recruiters and account executives know what they are doing, and they stay!

Diana Huang Prosum Work Culture

We Celebrate Prosum Team Members on Their Way in…and on Their Way Out!

Prosum Work Culture Adding to the Fan Club#TeamProsum is just a good group of people. From leadership down, you can feel the respect for, and the value placed, on each individual. From celebrating and supporting each other in work and in life, and continued relationships with Prosum Alumni, Prosum team members are always part of the Fan Club.

One way to cultivate the team atmosphere and building the Fan Club occurs each year at Beach Day!

Each year, #TeamProsum gathers for a 2-day adventure in Los Angeles, filled with learning, collaboration, creativity, and togetherness. We call it Beach Day…and yes, we do go to the beach! The fun in the sun happens after we meet as a team to share ideas, and learn new concepts to support the building of our plans for growth and success so we can best support our valued clients and consultants.

It’s one of the most valued events that our team looks forward to each year.

But don’t take our word for it, take theirs:

Lexi Petit Prosum Work Culture


Dana Dolin Prosum Work Culture

Denise Perez Prosum Work Culture

Mark Maruyama Prosum Work Culture


Does #TeamProsum Sound Like the Ideal Work Culture for You?

Laura Castorina is the Lead Talent Specialist at Prosum. With a background in the staffing industry dating back over 10 years, Laura has made it her mission to find the right candidates to add to #TeamProsum. Should you land an interview for an AE or recruiter role, think about these points during your conversation:

  • Authenticity 
  • Honesty
  • ALL of your questions 
  • Your metrics, experiences, and production details


Laura shares:

“I love asking candid questions because the right people will let down their guard and share real, raw, authentic answers. It helps me gauge if I am on an effective path toward building trust and rapport with the candidate—something that is very important to me.” 


If you are ready for a different type of tech staffing and recruiting experience, we’d love to hear from you. Learn more about what it’s like to work at Prosum and contact us today.