The Top Soft Skills for Tech Consultants

Demand for tech skills continues to rise. Coding, programming, developing—are complex skills that tech consultants have mastered. IT consultants are valued not only because of the specialized skills they present, but also because of the intangible, or ‘soft skills’, needed to translate tech innovation into consumable business innovation. Soft skills for tech consultants work hand-in-hand with their foundational skills to render the best end-product or service.


What Soft Skills are in Demand for Tech Consultants?

As CIOs and information technology leaders turn to expert IT staffing and recruiting agencies to help secure top talent, the list of skill sets vary according to goals and expectations. In addition to tech knowledge, they should consider a key set of soft skill requirements that will benefit digital outcomes, help manage efficiencies and build sustainable technology processes for the present and for the future.

In 2022, DICE shared the results of a survey of the top soft skills employers requested of technology professionals. The list was extensive and mirrored what many other studies and reports have shared, naming these as the top five:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Teamwork/Collaboration
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Planning
  5. Troubleshooting


Fast forward to July 2023 when DICE expands upon these sought-after soft skills for tech professionals, particularly developers, the list hasn’t deviated much. Building relationships and communication skills are still critical.

Communication Is Key to a Successful Technology Workforce

The top five choices seem straightforward as they are universal across most workforces. However, they are also reflective of the evolution of our view of the traditional tech role. For a group historically thought of as working autonomously and in siloes, often as an off-shoot from the day-to-day operations of an organization, our perspectives have shifted dramatically. Technology is now at the heart of most organizations; tech teams are change-makers, transforming and evolving the face of business. And they touch nearly every area.

Being able to work collaboratively with all divisions and departments is a must-have soft skill for tech consultants, as is being able to effectively communicate a technical theory or idea in terms that non-tech team members can consume and digest.

Amien Conway, Prosum Recruiting Manager in Denver shares:

Tech skills will get you the interview, soft skills will get you the job. Technical acumen is a door opener to interviewing, but it’s often your soft skills that will tip the scales as to whether an offer is extended or not. During the interview cycle employers will assess a candidate’s soft skills as an indicator of how well the individual can integrate into the organization.


Working as a Team From Different Locations

Technology departments still lead in offering flexible work environments. A tech consultant who is not regularly on site, especially in an organization where most team members sit in different locations, must be able to put their collaboration and communication skills on full display. If they are project- or contract-based, time is of the essence to build good working relationships in a shorter time frame in order to hit milestones and deliverables. Having a strong teamwork mindset will make the tech consultant’s acclimation to an organization that much easier.


It is important to account for a balance of technical and business acumen within the tech workforce. Of course, you need specialists who produce products and services that will work. The process of getting there though, requires a litany of skills that are cultivated over time as a professional in any industry. At Prosum, we can connect you to professionals who have not just the technical skills to succeed but the industry experience to understand your niche and the soft skills needed to thrive in your work environment. Contact one of our IT recruiting experts today to find the talent you need.