Match Your Tech Skills To Deliver on the Latest Tech Trends

When securing IT talent, Prosum works to match tech skills to deliver on the latest tech trends, so employers gain a competitive edge. According to McKinsey’s Technology Trends 2023 study, job postings for fields related to their top 15 tech trends grew by 400,000 between 2021 and 2022. From this study, our team expands upon a selection of these trends below that drive the search for top IT talent to keep our clients at the forefront of innovation.


Prosum IT Staffing Strategy:
Matching Tech Skills To Deliver on the Latest Tech Trends


Advanced Connectivity  

In today’s tech field, there are more sophisticated and innovative ways that devices and networks can create data sharing and communication. It takes a range of technologies to improve speed and reliability and that’s where advanced connectivity comes into play. Examples include 5G, Satellite Internet, Blockchain-based connectivity, and High-Speed Data Transmission.

This plays a key aspect in many advanced connectivity roles we fill. Networking, telecommunication, and strong communication skills are essential for this job. According to McKinsey, the world’s digital connections are about to become faster and could potentially increase GDP by trillions across the global economy. To be part of this impact, having a strong understanding of networking protocols and telecommunication principles such as routing and wireless communication is an advantage.

More importantly, effective communication is vital for the amount of collaboration this job requires. When working with cross-functional teams and explaining technical concepts to stakeholders, expressing yourself easily is a basic requirement.


Next Generation Software Developer

The demand for software developers is set high according to BLS. In fact, according to labor data, the software developer job outlook is expected to increase by 25% through 2031. In a market where software developers were already increasingly difficult to acquire, this is incredibly significant as development disciplines continue to evolve.

Not only will software developers need the foundational skills to work in today’s environment, they will need to continue to retool their skills to adapt to new technologies that call for software applications and platforms to be more intuitive and incorporate more automation. Their goals will be to continuously improve systems and processes while also managing growing cybersecurity concerns. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as non-technical business acumen are imperative to developing tools that enhance user-friendliness and create organizational efficiencies.


Cloud and Edge Computing

Cloud and Edge Computing development is distributed across various locations such as hyperscale remote data centers and regional centers to create algorithms and applications that can leverage the power of quantum systems.

As you can tell, this kind of computing is complex, but it is in demand. According to LinkedIn, cloud computing is one of the most-sought after tech skills. Cloud data has become the standard measure of storing information for companies across the world.


Electrification and Renewables

This trend refers to the integration of advanced technologies and sustainable energy sources. This sector of the technology field prioritizes reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental sustainability.

Electrification specifically involves the transition from fossil fuels to electricity. Opportunities can range from the development of electric transportation, implementing electrical grids, or combining traditional power sourced with electricity such as plug-in hybrid electrical vehicles.

On the other hand, renewables play more of a crucial role in environmental protection. For instance, a day in the life of working on renewable energy technologies could look like solar energy, wind energy, or even ocean energy.

Regardless of which one you choose, INSIDER states that both sectors require problem-solving to assist clean energy businesses and governments to decrease our carbon footprint – one of our biggest problems. Not just any mind can tackle an issue this big, which is why analytical thinking is required. With increasing impacts of climate change on the rise companies need IT experts who can accomplish data-driven modeling and risk analysis so that employers can digest the data and then spearhead creating something powerful from the information as a result.


As the trends materialize, Prosum IT recruiters are one step ahead with the tech knowledge to match. Our team has built a deep talent pool of technology professionals dedicated to advancing the skills that will help them reimagine technology for the future. Request IT talent to build your future workforce —reach out to a Prosum expert today.