The Road to Reinvent Yourself: Job Search After Layoffs

This past year, layoffs in the tech sector have continued steadily. While the effects have reached far and wide, reports show that despite these restructurings, tech talent is still in high demand, particularly in non-tech verticals, like healthcare and government State, Local, and Education (SLED) sectors. If you find that you are in a job search after layoffs, take the opportunity to reinvent your professional brand and envision the accomplishments that are yet to come. Our staffing and recruiting experts planned a roadmap to follow during a time when choosing the right path might not be so clear.

Refocus on Yourself During This Time

The first step you should take might sound like a given, but in reality, most people overlook this part of the process: reflection. According to CNBC, nearly a third of tech workers are getting rehired into new jobs within a month after their layoffs. That is positive news and eases worries for sure. However, be mindful to take a couple of days to think about what this means to you and your career during your job search. For some people, it can be a wake-up call; for others, it might just be a stride in the right direction. At the end of the day, everyone reacts differently to losing a job so take your time to process it.

Once you have the time to reconfigure your mindset, you might be ready to start looking for different opportunities. This could mean scouring job posts and descriptions for what’s available or making a list of the types of jobs you would be interested in researching directly.

Whichever direction you take, stay organized during this time to avoid additional stress. That’s why we recommend first sitting down and putting on paper the things that matter the most: your accomplishments.

Polish Your Resume

The best way to show off your skills to your potential next employer or company is by highlighting the work you have completed. Make evident all you did in your previous role and don’t sell yourself short. This is not only great for you professionally, but also personally because you will be reminded of what you’re capable of. Then, Harvard Business Review suggests creating a job-hunting schedule. Rather than blindly sending out resumes to the first job you see, find jobs that genuinely interest you. The most effective way to accomplish this is by creating a weekly schedule of how many jobs you would like to research and then redraft your resume to speak to the requirements. This will save you time and conserve energy into options worth your work during the job search.

Recruiters to the Rescue of Your Job Search After Layoffs

A subsequent job search after layoffs doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be something you tackle alone. Working with a recruiter to expedite your job hunt is the road to success. Here’s how:

Recruiters have access to hidden job opportunities

Selecting the right IT staffing firm will open doors for you that may not be open online. According to LinkedIn, recruiters leverage their network connections within companies to help you find your next place of work. This is because employers often trust and rely on recruiters to source the right candidates for their company.

Increased efficiency

The job search is a consuming process specifically after dealing with a layoff. That’s why having a recruiter on your side can help streamline the process by planning interviews, providing support, and guiding you along the way.

Recognizing cross-over skills

As aforementioned, with tech skills still in high demand, the non-tech industries might be searching for you. However, they may not know what to look for and you might not know how your skills can apply to an entirely new work sector. A recruiter will understand that application of skills and can help coach you into exploring a new option you might not have considered before.

To be able to reap the perks of working with a top tech recruiter you must first choose the right tech staffing firm. At Prosum, we are leaders in tech staffing and recruiting because we take the time to understand the company culture, position, projects, and deliverables to support your talent acquisition strategy. Reach out to one of our IT recruiting experts today to get started on the next step in your job search journey.