Advice on Team Building for Remote and Hybrid Teams

Since COVID, we’ve seen companies adopt remote and hybrid work models that truly allow their top tech talent to work from anywhere at any time. Most employees say they love remote work, but many employees also say they miss the social connections that came from working on site. As a result, most managers place teambuilding into their top three priorities for 2023. If you’re wondering how to build a tight knit team even when they’re dispersed, this blog will help.

Can Tech Help Build Your Teams? 

Wired suggests that teams can be built and maintained by putting the right technology in place.

While technology tools aren’t the only way to build teams, software is the starting point for all meaningful connections when employees telecommute.

The tools you choose are critical for keeping collaboration going—and they are improving all the time. This can include: 

  • Educational podcasts and webinars can engage team members in learning, but you can also use them for lunch-and learns or other staff presentations that help with team building. 
  • Project management tools create a shared repository for files, chats, pictures, or anything related to a project. Good PM tools allow you to do everything from one shared hub, including instant messaging and video conferencing. 
  • Traditional tools like conference calling and emails are still a thing. Sometimes talking with people by phone is just as effective as video conferencing. The idea is that you use the right tool to reach employees in the ways they prefer.

Technology can bring teams together and improve their productivity. These tools are increasingly sophisticated and fun to use. Many new startups like Donut and Cleary are specifically designed for the new world of work.

Exercises To Build Remote Teams

In addition to using technology, some companies are using specific team building activities to keep people connected. It’s easier to do this with hybrid teams because these employees have an office where they can connect. However, even with virtual teams you can: 

  • Create a virtual break room where people can talk about things outside the office. For example, you can use Slack to create watercooler chats where people can talk about what they did over the weekend or whatever topic will engage them. 
  • Do a weekly remote tour of locations where people work. These tours can be super creative and are a great way to help people get to know each other. Employees can share their office spaces at home or even have the kids on Zoom. Hold events such as happy hours, lunches, or virtual birthday parties. 
  • Set up a “good news” channel on IM. Good news sets a positive tone and is a great conversation starter. Or, kick off morning meetings with one thing every team member is thankful for.
  • Create a culture of recognition. Create a rewards program that employees enjoy and rewards that mean something to them. (Make sure the rewards are remote-friendly and can replicate well when the team is dispersed). Reward both big and small wins.

We know that IT teams love remote work. Your job is to make sure the telecommuters on your team remain connected to each other. Prosum can help by providing you with remote-savvy top tech talent. Find out why we are considered one of the best IT staffing solutions providers in Denver, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. Call on us.

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