How To Know It’s Time To Grow Your Team with Top Tech Talent

Scaling your IT organization is never easy when there needs to be more top-tech talent. The best IT staffing agencies can help with IT staff augmentation. How do you even know it’s time to grow your team? Regarding IT staffing solutions, most employers have more questions than answers these days.

This blog will give you the insight you need to know when to scale and how to do it.

Signs It’s Time to Get More Help

Whether hiring your fifth employee or your 500th, there are signs it’s time to scale.

Admittedly, the balance between the volume of work and staffing is a delicate one; employers often need help to scale appropriately during times of growth.

Some of the key indicators it’s time to find more top tech talent include:

  • You have to turn down work because you’re overloaded. Company leadership knows that nothing kills a sales team’s morale like having to walk away from business. But what do you do if you can’t find the help you need? 
  • You’re getting negative feedback from customers. While you may be scaling, it’s easy to neglect existing customers in favor of the excitement of new sales. Do this at your peril; growth cannot happen in a churn and burn environment. 
  • You need a specific skill that your existing team doesn’t have. This is particularly relevant if you’re starting a new initiative. If you look around and no one knows how to achieve your goals, it’s time to hire. 
  • Mistakes are increasing. IT complains they’re worn out. You have a lot of overtime. Everyone is afraid to take vacation time. All of these are key indicators you need to hire.

It’s no wonder top tech talent is burning out at a record pace. If all the signs tell you it’s time to hire and you’re ready to scale, what’s the next step?

Realities of Hiring in IT Today – How to Attract Top Tech Talent

The next step for staffing your IT teams is understanding the realities of hiring top tech talent today. McKinsey outlines it for us in a recent article:

  • You can’t be good at just one aspect of talent acquisition and management; your approach must be multifactored, multi-channeled, and proactive. 
  • Top tech talent interviews you as much as you interview them.
  • Candidate experience means more now than ever before. With more than 10 million open jobs, IT talent knows they have choices.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives must be core business strategies, not special initiatives.

If this list makes you think twice about a do-it-yourself approach to hiring IT talent, you have another option. IT staff augmentation lets the experts handle tech recruiting so you can focus on streamlining team efficiencies to meet your goals.

What About IT Staff Augmentation?

What if you need help finding the top tech talent you need? What if you must determine if your company’s growth is sustainable, a one-off, or a seasonal issue? The answer, in these cases, may be IT staff augmentation. IT staff augmentation helps you use top tech talent via local employment agencies. This staffing model can help you cut costs without lowering the quality of the work. It can also introduce you to great talent in a “try it before you buy it” model. IT staff augmentation does not replace your core team but works elbow-to-elbow to help your company scale.

Prosum is the leading provider of IT staff augmentation solutions in the Denver, Phoenix, and Los Angeles markets. When you’re ready to scale, talk with our team about your options. 

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