5 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Tech Employees

Aside from benefits and compensation, showing employees you appreciate their work is a great way to motivate your tech employees. When employees feel valued, they are more likely to work hard, remain loyal, and give their best every day.

In the world of remote tech work, connecting with employees to show appreciation can be a challenge.

Here are five ways to show your tech employees that you see them and value their contribution to the company.

1. Offer growth opportunities.

Millennials rank the opportunity as their number one consideration. Helping employees upskill or learn new skills shows them you are invested in their careers. Offer opportunities to attend leadership training, take online classes, go to conferences, attend workshops, or increase qualifications. Showing appreciation for the work they are already doing inspires employees to enjoy their work more.

2. Recognize contributions.

Despite the shift in where and how people work, it’s essential to stay connected to company culture, values, and achievements. Consider creating an “appreciation” or “gratitude” channel in the company communication network where employees can be recognized by leaders (and by each other) for large and small things that add value to projects or uphold company values. The opportunity to say and hear “thank you” can be a powerful motivator to continue doing excellent work.

3. Make it personal.

This one might take a bit of extra effort from team leaders, but taking the time to connect one-on-one with employees makes a difference.

  • Twenty-five percent of employees say that the most memorable recognition they ever received was from a boss, so praise makes a lasting impression. Yet only one out of three employees report in the last seven days, leaving plenty of room for improvement for most employers.
  • Take the time to find out more about your employees and how they like to be appreciated. Some people get embarrassed by public praise, while others thrive on attention. Discovering your employees’ “appreciation language” and then finding an opportunity to praise their past work or work-in-progress can encourage them to give their best on their next assignment.

4. Listen and act.

A good leader leverages the power of a team to improve the business. Create opportunities to collect feedback from your team. When possible, incorporate their suggestions. Seeing their ideas in action will show employees that their contributions are heard, valued, and appreciated. Additionally, great ideas can strengthen the company culture, creating a cycle of feedback and continuous improvement.

5. Make appreciation an everyday part of the culture.

Employee appreciation needs to happen regularly to have an impact on job satisfaction, productivity, and motivation. Companies that make employee appreciation an everyday part of their culture drive engagement and create a space for employees to do their best work.

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