Hiring Remote Tech Talent

As the world adopts more technology, the demand for IT professionals is increasing.

Having the right team can make or break a tech project, but it isn’t easy to source skilled developers to fill open roles. It’s even more difficult to recruit the right developers for remote work; professionals who:

  • Possess strong technical skills
  • Have essential soft skills to thrive in a remote work environment
  • Are a good fit for your company culture

The challenges of remote recruiting include:

1. Competition with other companies.

The IT industry is incredibly competitive. As technology evolves, so must companies and the skills of their employees. Companies are constantly jockeying to recruit and hire the most skilled candidates. How can your company stand out from the competition? Here are some tips for recruiting the best IT candidates:

  • Offer great benefits. Remote work is already an attractive benefit to tech talent, but if it’s the only offered benefit, you’ll lose out to competitors who can offer health care, retirement plans, paid time off, or other benefits.
  • Curate your social presence. Candidates will analyze your online presence to gauge the value of working for the company. Make sure your company’s social media profiles reflect the value and benefits of working for your company.

2. Difficulty in screening candidates.

Many factors come into play when screening IT professionals for remote work. Decision-makers need to evaluate:

  • Technical skills. Sometimes HR decision-makers do not have the tech background to evaluate a candidate’s experience but using the tech team in the interview process results in valuable time lost on projects. One way to make the process easier is by making sure your job descriptions reflect must-have technical skills. This will help attract the right candidate and give decision-makers a concrete list of needed technical experience.
  • Soft skills. In addition to technical skills, remote workers must have the discipline needed to work without direct supervision, manage time effectively, set up a productive work environment, and collaborate with a remote team. Screening for these soft skills can help make better hires.

3. A large number of applicants or not enough applicants.

Sometimes an open remote role will bring in a huge number of applications and wading through them to find the best candidates is a challenge. But in today’s job market, it’s often the opposite. With the increasing availability of remote technical work, candidates are difficult to source. In either case, working with a staffing partner can help find excellent candidates faster.

How can Prosum assist with hiring remote tech talent?

Flexibility. No matter the size of your company or which industry you are in, Prosum can create custom staffing solutions to scale.

Knowledge. We know IT. Prosum’s unsurpassed commitment to learning about technical roles in many industries means we know how to screen talent for the hard and soft skills necessary for success. We provide great candidates, so our partners can focus on their businesses.

Access to talent. During our 25 years of experience in IT recruitment, we’ve created an extensive and diverse talent network. Our deep network allows us to make great matches faster by taking a personal approach to IT staffing. We know our candidates and quickly assess who will exceed your expectations and add fantastic value to your team.

Looking to hire remote tech talent? Let Prosum make your job easier by recruiting, screening, and skill setting the best talent for your technical team.