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We Make Technology Human

Advanced IT solutions, Microsoft consulting, IT staffing – everything done at Prosum begins and ends with people. We believe in taking a people-first approach in our work because without humans, technology has no purpose, and without purpose, business-changing solutions cannot exist. Our team of IT experts find solutions that make work more effective and efficient. We are the link that gets you from where you are now, to where you want to be and beyond.

Experience Human Technology

Our Leadership Team

Ken Prosum

Ken Aster


Ravi Chatwani


Deepika Bhatia

VP of Professional Services

Eleni Tio

Human Resources
Matt Prosum

Matt Squire

Finance and Accounting

Chad Heinrich

Vice President, PHX, DEN, DAL Markets

Diana Huang

Vice President, LA, OC Markets

John Nacy

Managing Director, OC

Stephen Strakal

Managing Director, DEN

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