How to Effectively Be a Hybrid Manager

From Los Angeles to New York, staffing agencies are filling remote roles for top tech talent. Employers and managers transitioned to remote work during COVID, and according to the data, nearly 60% of Americans now work remotely at least one day a week. The first transition for many IT teams was the move to their homes during the peak of the COVID crisis. The only problem? Some of the team camaraderie is lost when your entire IT team is always working from home.  Now, many employers are trying to transition from remote to hybrid arrangements.

“75% of developers want to stay remote at least three days a week.”

How can you transition your top tech talent to a hybrid work arrangement?

Three Ways Managers Can Help Transition IT Teams to Hybrid Work

1. Consider a commuter stipend

One of the reasons your IT teams may want to work from home is because of how expensive it is to commute. With gas prices soaring, even well-paid tech talent recognizes the cost it takes to travel to work. It also takes time out of a busy day filled with IT tasks. So, what about offering your IT (or other) staff an extra stipend to cover their commute? Maybe there’s a shuttle service to bring them to and from the office.

2. Monitor work/life balance

That brings us to a good point. How much work/life balance does your IT team really have when they work from home? It can be hard to draw the line between work and home when work is in your home. In some ways, it might be easier to have two different sections of your life between home and the office. Could this be a selling point to encourage workers to go back to a couple of days per week in the office?

3. Let teams choose when they come into the office

It is fine if your top IT talent has to come in to rebuild some of the camaraderie lost to remote work. Many developers will understand because working remotely is very isolated. However, mandating when the worker comes in can make it more difficult to juggle home responsibilities that may have fallen on them during COVID.

“Managers that want to sweeten the hybrid work requirement should consider allowing their workforce to choose when they come in.”

The idea here is to consider the difficulties your IT teams will have regarding moving back to the office part-time. Some of them may have fully embraced the remote lifestyle. Your job is to understand what difficulties they may face in making the transition away from it. 

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