Foundations of Employer Branding To Win Tech Talent

If you’re looking for tech talent these days it’s safe to assume you’re spending a lot of time on the hunt. A recent survey showed that 71% of CEOs say the shortage of talent is their “biggest disruptor.” You may have tried a variety of strategies to attract talent. From bootcamps to upskilling, companies are trying their best to change their approach and attract more talent. But what have you done for your brand, lately? Forbes says, “a strong employer brand can make the difference for companies that want to attract and retain top talent.” Here’s how to grow your brand and make your company a top destination for IT talent.

How To Improve Your Employer Brand With IT Candidates

A good employer brand starts with the company culture. Why? Because 77% of job seekers say that they look at a company’s culture before taking the job. Most millennials are even more likely to care about the job culture over their salary as do job seekers over the age of 45. But what makes for a good culture when it comes to developers or other tech talent? CIO says the best cultures: 

  • Are inspiring, creative, fun, and challenging 
  • Are innovative, offering a true learning environment 
  • Are low drama 
  • Offer advancement opportunities 
  • Have values that inspire

Once you’ve created the kind of culture that attracts developers, you can spotlight what you’ve built on social media or in other venues. You can also build your brand by spotlighting your employees on your website or on social. The idea is to appear spontaneous and something-less-than phony. Think more spontaneous TikTok and less canned professional videos, and you’ll get the idea of what will feel “real” to candidates. 

Getting active on LinkedIn is one thing but when was the last time your current IT team participated in learning events or meetups? The idea is that recruiting for your team becomes the work of everyone because your employees are really your greatest PR asset for attracting new IT talent.

Showcase your company values and employee successes regularly. Almost every candidate pays attention now to the media coverage out there. Share content from your leaders but also your developers. Highlight product offerings and events at your company to show others it’s exciting to join your team. Talk about why your company cares about diversity and inclusion. Also share how your company gives back to the community by showcasing your charity drives, golf outings, fun runs, or the afternoon your team spent at the local humane society.

All of these activities create personalized ways to engage with candidates. IT job seekers will see these activities and gauge whether your company aligns with their core values both now and in the future. But building your brand shouldn’t be a one-off. Instead, you must work to build a positive culture and share your efforts constantly in public settings.

Finally, train your hiring and recruiting teams to give job candidates the best experience possible. Make sure you approach job listings, interviews, and all candidate interactions from the perspective of “what’s in it for them.” The reality of hunting for IT talent today is that you are competing against everyone else for the same expertise. So, do your best to build a case for why your company is a better fit.

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