Make Your IT Positions Stand Out to Candidates With These 7 Tips!

It’s a candidates’ job market right now, and the competition to attract top tech talent is fierce. Your company may be competing with thousands of other similar job opportunities. How can you stand out among the competition? 

Make a great first impression with your job posting.  

Job seekers quickly scan dozens of postings a day when they’re on the hunt. They’re looking for posts that tick all the right boxes. They’re moving fast, and they have a lot of options. In this competitive market, you not only have to include all the practical information that proves the job is a good fit for them, but you also need to do it in a creative way that inspires engagement.  

Consider these seven tips for writing IT job posts that inspire job seekers to apply: 

1. Write a clear job title.

Create an easily understood—and easily searchable—job title. Spell out any tech industry-specific acronyms to make your job title stand out. 

2. Make it easy to read.

Shorter is better. Use bullet points and boldface to create easily scannable posts that convey the information as simply and quickly as possible. 

3. Be specific.

Like all job seekers, tech candidates are looking for specific information in the post that tells them whether the job will be a good fit for them. If possible, include detailed information about: 

  • Salary 
  • Benefits
  • Schedule requirements (full-time or part-time?) 
  • Location (on-site or remote?) 
  • Roles and responsibilities 
  • Skills requirements 

4. Convey value.

If your job post has satisfied the job seeker’s primary questions about whether the job is a practical fit, they will then wonder “what’s in it for me?” What does your company offer that will appeal to top tech candidates? Does your company provide the opportunity to work with new tools or technologies? Does your team have experienced team members willing to teach and mentor newer employees? Are there opportunities to attend tech conferences and workshops?

Many IT employees value opportunities for professional development and will respond to posts that include those opportunities. 

5. Sell your authentic brand.

Beyond the salary, benefits, and valuable opportunities offered by your company, what does working for your company mean? Job posts that convey the company’s mission, vision, and values in an engaging way are likely to attract like-minded candidates who will help carry out company goals. 

6. Make it easy to apply.

Be sure to include an easy way to contact your company, and company and make it as simple as possible to apply for the role. 

7. Utilize Resources.

If you’re struggling to write a job posting for a niche tech role, consider asking employees within the company who work in a similar role for suggestions. Ask them what they love about their job and why they enjoy working for the company. Including those details in your post might attract candidates with similar qualities who will be successful in the role. 

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