Are Your Tech Workers Receiving the Vacation Time They Expect?

Attracting new tech talent and improving retention rates in the technology industry has become increasingly difficult as the unemployment rate plummets and the demand for talent surges. It’s crucial to keep employee satisfaction levels rising in your organization—but it can be difficult to know which job perk or benefit will have the most significant impact when so much has changed about the work world. 

Vacation time and paid time off rank high for many tech workers among desired benefits.

Sufficient time off can lead to key benefits for both employees and your business, including: 

  • Less burnout. When employees take time off, it allows them to unplug, relax, and recharge, decreasing the possibility of burnout. 
  • More productivity and creativity. Recharging allows employers to return to the job motivated to do their best work. Many employers have discovered that the number of hours worked doesn’t always correlate with the quality of the work being done, and that increasing time off can lead to higher quality, more creative output. 
  • Increased feeling of autonomy. Many workers cite the desire for more control over their schedules. Having sufficient time off means employers don’t have to choose between work and other obligations (such as taking care of themselves or their families). Having more time off means they can manage their time more effectively in all areas of their lives. 
  • Greater commitment to work. When time-off and vacation needs are being met, employees often feel more focused and committed during their working hours. 

Your time off policy can be a crucial tool for attracting and retaining top talent in the tech industry. 

Many tech companies have adopted unlimited PTO policies with a positive employee response. However, no matter what kind of vacation policy your organization chooses to craft, here are some tips for create a policy that will benefit both the employees and the business:  

Research industry standards.

Before you create your company’s policy, research the industry standard in your niche so you can offer something equal or better than what your competitors will offer job seekers.  

Analyze usage in your organization.

Digging into the actual amount of vacation time your employees are using can help you create a policy that best serves their needs. 

Create usage rules.

Often, employers discover that employees are underusing their vacation days and paid time off, leading to burnout and dissatisfaction. Creating usage rules that help employees better utilize their paid time off can overcome this challenge. Consider having employees schedule a block of days off in a row to ensure they take an extended break from work or setting a date to review scheduled vacation days to make sure employees have a plan in place. 

Use a master calendar.

Post a master calendar listing all employees’ scheduled vacation dates to avoid challenges or delays in projects dues to understaffing. Having a calendar also helps track absences and cover all bases. 

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