Reducing Tech Employee Turnover Depends on Mentoring and Communication

As the Great Resignation continues to sweep the nation, many tech companies are hustling to retain top talent. Employee turnover is always costly but particularly so in the rapidly growing, constantly evolving tech industry. After working through two years of a pandemic and helping organizations enact a digital transformation, many tech workers feel burned out. How can organizations retain tech talent that is looking for a change? By giving them reasons to stay. 

Tech workers may be experiencing burnout for a variety of reasons such as:

Overwhelming workload 

Too many hours worked 

Lack of recognition 

Lack of challenge 



However, the only way to know for sure what is causing job dissatisfaction with your tech employees is to ask them.  

Improved communication leads to increased employee satisfaction and less turnover. 

Engaging employees can help managers and leaders determine what each team member wants from their career. With that information, they can provide support, challenging new projects, or a more flexible schedule, according to the employee’s needs. Agile organizations that can flex with the changing needs of their people have an opportunity to make their company culture stronger and more loyal than ever. 

Mentorship programs improve employee engagement. 

Another way to improve retention is by providing in-house mentors. Many tech employees feel that a mentor would keep them engaged with their work and help them reach career milestones faster. Mentorship plays a strong role in: 

Developing talent 

Establishing connections 

Advancing careers 

Since tech workers are characterized by their love of a challenge, having a mentor to provide learning opportunities can supply a steady source of challenge and engagement.

Organizations that create mentorship or coaching programs can:

  • Attract and retain STEM talent. Mentorship and career development opportunities play a significant role in attracting the next generation of IT workers. On the opposite side of the equation, seasoned employees feel empowered and engaged by the chance to share their skills with less experienced employees.
  • Accelerate innovation. Mentorship and coaching fuels a growth mindset that can help boost creativity and innovation within the organization.
  • Build community. Individuals who feel like they belong in a work environment are more likely to stay. Community-building through mentorship helps tech workers expand their network and create more connections—and a stronger sense of belonging.
  • Improve productivity. When new employees have a mentor, they can pick up on work processes and protocols faster. They can ask questions and get answers that help them be more productive in their role on a shorter timeline.
  • Retain Company Knowledge. Losing tech employees to turnover can often mean losing valuable institutional knowledge. Employee mentorship can help retain that knowledge by passing it from employee to employee. As an added benefit, collaboration increases engagement and helps ensure employees get the career growth they need to stay happy in their roles.

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