5 Tips to Attract and Retain Top Tech Workers

Are there enough tech workers to go around? 

With a tech unemployment rate close to a 20-year record low and an increasing demand for technologists, attracting and retaining tech talent is a huge challenge facing employers and recruiters in 2022. Three factors contribute to the high demand for IT workers: 

  1. remote work is here to stay 
  2. the pandemic forced a rapid and continuing digital transformation of business 
  3. businesses are increasing their use of AI and automation 

The pandemic changed how workers think about their work and how they want to perform their duties. A competitive salary is not always the best incentive to attract and retain top-performing employees. So, what will tip the scales for tech workers? Here are five tips to catch the interest of job seekers and keep your current employees loyal to your company: 

Communicate company brand and values.

As tech workers get clearer on what they want out of a job, they’re also developing preferences for what they desire from their work culture. Organizations that clearly communicate their brand, mission, values, and company culture can attract job seekers looking for what they have to offer and retain workers already dedicated to the company. 

Know what candidates and employees value.

Most tech workers want to work remotely. However, it’s crucial that employers who offer this option can support their remote teams and leaders with the tech, tools, and communication necessary for productivity and job satisfaction. Many tech employees also desire flexibility in their work schedules. Learning what is important to your candidates and employees and meeting their needs will help organizations fill jobs and retain employees. 

Provide learning opportunities.

IT professionals need to keep their skills sharp in the fast-moving tech industry. Organizations that challenge their employees will keep them engaged, and those that make it clear to candidates that they will continue to develop on the job will attract more job seekers. Online learning platforms like Coursera and Udacity, which have a wealth of tech offerings, provide flexible and affordable learning opportunities.  

“As technology continues to evolve in areas such as AI, machine learning, and DevOps processes, organizations should consider upskilling employees within the company to fill higher-level jobs.” 

Upskilling employees has many benefits: 

  • Top-performing employees receive deserved promotions 
  • Employees learn skills they might utilize in another area of the company 
  • Workers are already familiar with the operations of the organization 
  • Upskilled employees become strong candidates for leadership roles  
  • Upskilling helps diverse candidates advance in the organization 

Improve the hiring process.  

It’s a candidates’ recruitment market and improving the candidate’s experience in the hiring process can help organizations gain an edge. Here are some things to consider: 

  1. Focus on DE&I. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is becoming an important part of company culture. The shift to remote work has widened the candidate pool, and many job seekers prefer to work with companies that create a welcoming environment for all. 
  2. Write specific job descriptions. Many companies list multiple desired skills and qualifications in a job description to attract a larger number of job seekers. Consider tailoring job descriptions to the specific skills required to bring a higher quality of applications and a faster fill.  
  3. Be transparent. Candidates want employers to be upfront about compensation and transparent with communication at all parts of the hiring process.  

Focus on the employee experience.

The Great Resignation in the tech industry might be partly fueled by employees feeling that their employers spend more time recruiting new talent than they do on nurturing talent within the organization. Be sure to stay in touch with the needs of current employees, dedicate energy to keeping them challenged and engaged, and show appreciation for their hard work. 

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