Six Ways To Make Your Remote Employees Feel the Love on Valentine’s Day

Whether your employees love Valentine’s Day or loathe it, there’s never a bad day to show appreciation for the people who work so hard for you! 

Making your employees feel safe and comfortable at work should be a core part of your culture. Creating an environment where they also feel valued kicks that culture up a notch. Employees who feel appreciated are more productive, loyal, engaged, and dedicated. When management recognizes the team’s hard work, the team wants to work harder to keep that positive regard flowing. 

Here are six Valentine’s Day inspired ways to show appreciation for your employees:

1. Send a gift.

Chocolate and flowers are traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, but any token of esteem will likely be well received. E-gift cards or gifts sent through the mail are great options. Red, pink, or heart-themed apparel that could be worn to work on Valentine’s Day might add to the holiday fun. 

2. Send a Card/e-Card.

Don’t have a perfect gift idea? Send team members a valentine card telling them how much their contribution means to the team. 

3. Create a gratitude board.

Create a channel in the employee communication system or a shared file where employees can show their appreciation for each other. Encourage employees to appreciate by offering prizes for things like the person most mentioned, the most creative post, or the most comments posted by an individual. 

4. Hold a fundraiser.

Giving feels good, and there are many ways to create an opportunity for your employees to participate in a fundraiser or volunteer for a good cause in the name of love. Ask team members to suggest worthy causes for a company donation. Allow employees to contribute or fundraise on their own. Spreading love by helping others is a great teambuilding exercise, too. 

5. Do a secret Valentine exchange.

Set a price limit and ask employees to participate in a gift exchange. Team members can make suggestions for what they’d like to receive, which will also help remote workers get to know each other. Set a deadline for delivery so that everyone receives their valentine gift in time and plan a reveal party at the end of the workday. 

6. Valentine’s Day party.

Go all out and host a Valentine’s Day party or happy hour and invite the whole team. With a little bit of logistical coordination, you could have lunch or goodies delivered to your employees during the party.  

  • Kick-off the fun with a Valentine-themed icebreaker by asking attendees to share their favorite Valentine’s Day gift, best or worst date, or pet peeve. 
  • Keep the party going with Valentine’s Day-themed bingo, a trivia game, a word search, or a scavenger hunt.  

Get 2022 off to a great start by taking every opportunity, large and small, to show your employees that they are valued members of the team! 

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