2022 Tech Career Trends Employers Should Know

The data is in: Trends indicate more career moves and positive advancements in IT in 2022 but also a growing discontent among tech professionals.

According to a new survey by learning platform Talent LMS and Workable, 72% of tech workers are thinking about making a job change. What’s behind this shift toward the “Great Resignation,” just as things in the tech industry begin to rebound? And what can employers do to attract and retain top tech talent?

In the newly released 2022 State of IT report from Spiceworks Ziff Davis indicates that things are looking up for IT professionals. Even before the pandemic, IT professionals had their hands full managing cyber threats and integrating legacy and cloud-based technologies. That struggle was multiplied exponentially when the pandemic forced tech professionals to figure out how to provide support to a remote workforce nearly overnight.

Recovery is in process, and the report indicates a wealth of opportunities for IT professionals in 2022. Here’s what’s in store:

1. Organizations are hiring.

Now that the world is cautiously opening back up, many organizations are expanding their teams, modernizing their IT stacks, and devoting more resources to support hybrid work. These efforts will increase career opportunities to IT professionals, as 40% of organizations plan to grow their teams in 2022, and 68% of companies plan to hire up to 50 developers.

2. Support for work-from-home.

The State of IT report indicates that organizations plan to support work from home. 27% of IT professionals work from home part of the time, 11% work from home permanently, and those numbers are expected to increase in 2022, as 76% of tech professionals prefer to work remotely.

3. Career advancement gains momentum.

IT professionals made career upward career moves during the pandemic. Many received raises and promotions, while others earned tech certifications or started a job with a new employer. This trend is expected to continue in 2022.

4. Tech adoption plans rebound.

During the pandemic, unnecessary tech spending was curtailed. Now that restrictions are easing, spending is expected to flow into new areas, creating greater opportunities for IT professionals.

How can employers attract and retain top tech talent?

The pandemic created stress for many IT professionals, and many are looking for higher-paying roles with better work-life balance. With many organizations planning to hire IT professionals in 2022, employers should reevaluate their tech employees’ salary, benefits, and job perks to retain top talent. Consider things like:

Competitive pay.

Salaries increased by 9.5% on average for skilled IT professionals last year. Employers should consider basing salaries on current market value.

Benefits and perks.

Many companies are offering sign-on bonuses and reevaluating their total benefits package to remain competitive.

Learning and career development.

9 out of 10 say they want more learning and development opportunities, particularly in technologies that would help them stay competitive in the market. Upskilling current employees will also help employers develop in-demand skillsets while keeping high-performers engaged and growing within their organization.

Flexible scheduling.

Many tech workers suffered overwork and burnout during the pandemic and are seeking a better work-life balance. Companies that offer flexible scheduling have a better chance of attracting and retaining the best talent.

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