How To Make the Leap From Contract-To-Hire to Full-Time Employee

Many IT workers enjoy the benefits of contract-to-hire work:

  • Switching jobs every few months guarantees exciting new challenges.
  • It’s a great way to explore different technology industry roles.
  • You can develop your skillset without a long-term obligation.
  • It allows you to “try on” a position before committing.
  • You can expand your professional network.

But sometimes, you find your ideal opportunity and want to stay with the company. It can be nerve-wracking when your contract period is coming to an end, especially when you’ve enjoyed your assignment and would love to join the team full-time. However, working with a great agency that can help support you in your conversion and explore other opportunities as you get near the end of your assignment can you give you peace of mind.

What can you do to change your status from contract-to-hire to full-time employee?

It’s never a guarantee that the company will bring you on board full-time, but here are 3 simple things you can do to optimize your chances for full-time hire:

1. Prove your value.

Don’t just meet expectations. Strive to exceed them. Nail down the details first:

  • Be organized
  • Manage your workload efficiently
  • Have a positive attitude

Then focus on producing high-quality work. Turn projects in on time and try to become indispensable to the team. Look around for things that aren’t getting done and offer suggestions to your project manager as to how you could help complete them.

2. Build relationships.

Good cultural fit is of increasing importance within companies these days. Make sure you are doing your best to connect with the team and prove you are a great fit. Embrace opportunities to participate in social gatherings, team-building exercises, and breakroom chats. It’s easy to feel isolated when you aren’t a permanent part of the staff, but it depends on how you present yourself. Make an effort to connect with:

    • Your coworkers. You never know what will happen down the road. Even if this role remains temporary, you might run into one of your current colleagues in a future role,
    • Your supervisor. Get on your manager’s radar by asking good questions and showing interest in your work. Make a positive impression so that they have a great reference point when you bring up the possibility of a full-time hire.
    • Other departments. Networking outside your department may reveal a connected career path with a full-time opportunity for you.

3. Take the initiative.

Don’t wait for someone to notice you’ve finished your tasks. Make your enthusiasm and commitment clear by offering your extra time to benefit the team. Since you are meeting your deadlines with high-quality work:

    • Ask for more assignments and responsibilities.
    • Show your desire to learn and develop skills by asking for extra training.
    • Request feedback and advice on how you can improve your performance, commitment, and enthusiasm.

Check in with your staffing coordinator after a few months and let them know you are enjoying your work and would be open to the possibility of full-time employment. Since the staffing company is your employer while you are on assignment, they will be the ones to help you transition from contract work to direct employment should the opportunity be available.

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