Improving Your Company Culture

What makes a company successful? Soaring profits? Engaging marketing strategies? Innovative products? Incredible customer service?


But what makes all those things possible? People.

But not just any people. Dedicated and engaged employees who believe in the company’s mission and core values are most likely to be productive, creative, and loyal to the company. But how can you find these great employees? One way to attract and retain top performers is by creating a winning company culture.

A recent survey reveals 35% of job seekers will refuse a job offer (that is a perfect fit) if the company culture does not meet their expectations. Additionally, more than 90% of managers believe a candidate’s fit within company culture is as important as experience or skills. It makes sense: When employees feel connected to the mission of their workplace, enjoy their work environment, and the management style of their employers, they are more likely to be productive and help the business grow.

The benefits of strong company culture are clear: high employee retention, better brand image, higher productivity, and more efficient teamwork.

But what can businesses do to improve their company culture?

1. Provide clear and transparent communication.

In a survey of Culture 500 companies, employees gave higher marks for communication and transparency during the first six months of the pandemic than they did in previous years. In times of strife, communication and honesty are particularly important. Create a company playbook for mission and values and make sure everyone on the team understands what is expected.

2. Lead by example.

The leaders of successful companies model their business values to their employees. They tie words to actions and culture to actual behaviors. They share positive stories about their employees living the business’s values and highlight examples of company culture in action. They motivate their employees to live out the core mission of the company by setting the standard.

3. Listen to feedback.

A great work environment is not only created by owners and managers. The strongest cultures are built with feedback from the employees who work within the culture every day.

4. Celebrate the success of all.

Celebrating wins, both professional and cultural, will remind everyone about what the company values and keep it top of mind.

5. Build the team.

Plan recreational activities that bring everyone together and foster team spirit, especially during these times of remote work. A virtual coffee break, scavenger hunt, or field trip can give everyone a chance to connect and feel part of the culture.

6. Connect remote workers.

In a hybrid workplace, remote workers can sometimes feel unheard and invisible. Find ways to connect remote and on-site employees so that your people feel like an integral part of the team no matter where they work. One way to do this is to create a chat channel on the company communication network and encourage employees to share pictures of their pets or workspaces.

7. Keep it dynamic.

The strongest company cultures learn from their people, especially during challenging times. Companies need to adapt to support the changing needs of their employees. Keeping lines of communication open, frequently reflecting on the mission, checking in with workers, and communicating changes in values are all great ways to stay dynamic.

Creating a great company culture is a proven way to attract and retain top-performing employees. Employees who believe in the company’s mission and the work they are doing will work harder, perform better, and be more likely to stay with the company.

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