Windows Deployment Services El Segundo, CA

Windows Deployment Services El Segundo, CA Windows Deployment Services El Segundo, CA

How You Can Make Your Life Easier With Windows Deployment Services (WDS)

Let’s say that you are at work and your company tells you that they are expanding from 12 employees to 50. Your boss may need you to begin preparing by turning on a room full of computers so they are set to go once the newcomers arrive. Perhaps you would have gone from one computer to another to install Windows individually, which can take a very long time.

But luckily, an agent from Prosum can help you streamline this in only a matter of minutes with El Segundo, CA Windows Deployment Services (WDS). WDS can enable you to remotely perform installations or updates of the operating system for Windows. We know that time is of the essence when it comes to business operations, so the sooner you can complete a task, the better!

What You Need to Install Windows Deployment Services (WDS)

As an agent from Prosum may walk you through, you will need certain requirements before you can install WDS. We suggest browsing through your computer to ensure you have the following capabilities:

AD DS: the WDS server has to be either an AD DS domain controller, or AD DS domain member.

DNS: your system must have a DNS server that works and is on the network prior to running Windows Deployment Services in El Segundo, CA.
Credentials: to install, you have to be a Local Administrators member on the server. And then to initialize the server, you have to be a Domain Users group member. If you are confused about this step, an agent from Prosum can assist you with the required permissions.

DHCP: Windows Deployment Services relies on DHCP for IP addressing (due to using PXE), so you must have a DHCP server with an active scope that works and is on the network.

NTFS volume: the server that runs WDS needs an NTFS file system volume.

What Windows Deployment Services (WDS) Enables You To Accomplish

Windows Deployment Services (WDS) lets you remotely deploy installations to more than one computer at once. So, in the scenario described above, an employee would be able to install Windows on every computer in that room at the same time so there’s no delay in letting newcomers get started. The computers you would have normally had to go through one-by-one, now can be configured automatically. This can surely cut down on used time and resources. If you want to impress your boss or ensure that your company is able to adapt to growing or changing business operations, then consider contacting an agent at Prosum about WDS.

When it comes to making your life easier, especially at work where there’s an abundance of computers, you can rely on Windows Deployment Services (WDS). Trust us when we say that it can surely be worth the time to find out more, and in what other scenarios having WDS installed can benefit your company. Call us today to speak with a member of our team at Prosum about El Segundo, CA Windows Deployment Services (WDS).

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