I’ve been recruiting for close to 23 years.  Up until I came to Prosum, I worked in large staffing companies where you are just a “number”.  I’ve always worked in large companies because it just felt more “secure”.  Coming to Prosum has really opened my eyes to the way companies should treat their employees and their customers.  Prosum is full of extremely bright professionals both on the recruiting and sales side, with who I feel very lucky to work with daily.  The opportunity to learn and grow here is very high, even for someone that is approaching 25 years in the business.  I’ve been so welcomed here from the CEO’s and President of the company down to my peers.  Management here is second to none and they truly have your best interests in mind when it comes to your success and future at Prosum.  I’m extremely happy and proud to be part of the Prosum family and hope to continue here for many years to come.