Tech Recruiter El Segundo, CA

Tech Recruiter El Segundo, CA Tech Recruiter El Segundo, CA

Prosum is a tech recruiter that specializes in providing quality candidates for companies in El Segundo, CA. Since it’s founding, our company has developed an extensive network of active and passive candidates. Prosum is the first choice for many companies throughout California that have tech staffing needs. A tech recruiter from our staff can provide you with talent for permanent, temporary, and contract positions at your in El Segundo location. Contact us today to learn more about why Prosum is a leading west coast tech recruiter.

Information Technology (IT) is Our Specialty

Every company is different and no two have identical tech needs. Prosum recruits and staffs for a wide range of IT jobs. We focus on finding the best candidates for the positions that suit them, which in turn satisfies our company clients as well as those persons we recruit. You can count on our El Segundo, CA tech recruiter being open, honest, and professional in all dealings with all parties involved. Here is a short list of positions for which a tech recruiter from our team can assist your company in finding strong candidates:

· Hardware design, development, engineering, and testing
· Software design, development, engineering, and testing
· Tech sales and marketing
· Project and program management
· Executive management including directors, vice presidents, mid-management positions
· Cloud migration
· Cloud management and optimization
· Temporary, permanent, and contract positions
· Quality assurance engineers for white box and black box testing
· Technical writers
· ASIC design

Prosum’s Process for Recruiting Strong Candidates

We have earned a reputation for matching El Segundo companies with quality candidates because of our tech recruiter process of identifying and screening individuals. Each candidate’s education, job history, tech experience, skill set, and career goals are premium considerations. Prosum is part of a wide-area network of tech staffing agencies along with our database of active and passive candidates. In this way, our tech recruiter brings together qualified candidates who are excited about new opportunities, and El Segundo companies that are excited to augment their staff with these individuals.
The Industries and Technologies that Prosum Focuses On
Though our client list is long and varied, our Prosum tech recruiter places a special emphasis on certain types of industries and technologies in the El Segundo area. We do not limit our tech recruit services to those on the following list, so if your tech needs are not included, do not hesitate to reach out to us to discover if we can assist your company in finding the right candidates.

· Telecom
· Software development
· Semiconductor
· Network management
· Telecommunications (including ATM, TMN, SONET, CMIP/CMIS, SS7, ISDN)
· Electronic design automation
· Data centers
· Online or e-commerce
· Website design, development, and maintenance (including ASP, Apache, AJAX, SOAP, XML, XHTML, WordPress, JavaScript, JSP, HTML, CSS)
· Android and Macintosh cell phone application development
· Database development (including PL/SQL, SQL, Oracle, RDBMS, MS Access, Informix)

Contact Prosum for Your Tech Recruiter Needs in El Segundo

If your El Segundo company is in need of quality candidates for one or more tech positions, contact Prosum today.