Managed IT Services Los Angeles, CA

Managed IT Services Los Angeles, CAmanaged IT services in Los Angeles, CA

At Prosum, our managed IT services in Los Angeles, CA provides a solution for businesses that need IT support. With managed services, our company can oversee all elements of your technology system so that issues can be minimized and prevented, versus only fixing problems when they arise and handling them on a case-by-case basis. The more often that problems arise, the more time that business owners and their employees have to spend getting these complications fixed.

Here are some benefits of investing into CA managed IT services from Prosum:

Outcomes are aligned with the organization. Our company is motivated to help so that your business can function at its best.

Proactive versus reactive support. Instead of having an IT company react to every problem, our team at Prosum can work on identifying issues before they even happen -- decreasing stress for both business owners and their staff.

Peace of mind that an expert is on your side. Not everyone understands how to fix technological issues. We understand that you may not be an IT whiz, and that’s okay! At Prosum, we can take care of IT issues while you focus on other tasks.

Thinking ahead about your IT systems. With managed IT services, we can help you plan ahead and offer advice on how to have the best technology system for your business. We can ensure that your software has been upgraded, downtime is minimized, and viruses are warded off.

Common Terms Associated with Managed IT Services

When having a member of our team to assist you, we may talk with you about a variety of topics pertaining to system operations. We have found that it’s helpful to give our clients some background information so they aren’t as confused when we use certain terms. We are always happy to offer clarification! Here we have defined the most commonly used terms that are associated with Los Angeles managed IT services in CA:

Backup and Disaster Recovery: a mix of solutions for disaster and data backup, that work together to ensure that business functions can continue as normal despite any incidents that would have otherwise interfered.

Break or Fix: these are IT services that are based on an older model, where a company hires a technician regarding issues, maintenance, and upgrades. After, the technician bills the company once services are provided.

Mobile Device Management: this is a security system that is used to oversee and secure staff’s mobile devices, such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

Remote Monitoring and Management: a system that can manage and provide solutions to servers, along with devices installed on endpoint systems.

Information Technology: a solution for establishing, using, storing, and transmitting data through various devices, telecommunications, and networks.

Our team has seen the way that LA managed IT services can greatly improve the operations of a company, enabling employees to do the tasks they need to accomplish with minimal interruptions due to technological issues. For those who aren’t familiar with technology and cloud systems, we can help! Please contact us at Prosum for more information about CA managed IT services in Los Angeles!

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