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IT Staffing Denver, CO IT Staffing Denver, CO

Some of our potential clients ask why they need to hire a company that specializes in IT staffing Denver, Colorado businesses depend on. Hiring the right IT employees is critical to a company’s success. The ultimate cost of hiring the wrong employee can be substantial. The hiring process alone puts a dent in any company’s operating expenses. According to national data, the cost of hiring a new employee is more than $4,000 and takes approximately 40 days for the process from start to finish. This doesn’t include the costs to train that employee, which runs about $2,000 per employee per year. Now imagine this employee made avoidable errors that resulted in financial losses or expenses to the company and you can see just how expensive hiring the wrong employee can be.

To avoid these expensive issues, many companies work with IT staffing companies to find the right employees for their team. A company like Prosum will find you the top talent for your company, saving you the expense of advertising, recruiting, interviews, salary negotiations, and paperwork. The following are just a couple of the reasons why it can be beneficial for your company to work with our IT staffing team in Denver, CO for your IT needs.

Human Resources Department

Many smaller businesses do not have a full HR department. Hiring an IT staffing company can handle all the functions that an HR department handles in the hiring process. You can decide just how much responsibility and functions that the staffing company you retain will oversee. Staffing companies can not only handle the advertising and recruiting for new IT staff, but staffing companies can also oversee disciplinary actions, and terminating employees should that become necessary. Having a Denver, CO IT staffing company handling HR responsibilities can actually eliminate the need for your company’s own HR department, which means you also save in health insurance premiums, employee retirement plans, and other benefits that your employees have.

Flexible Staffing

Many companies have different staffing needs during the year. There may be certain times of the year where business is extremely busy. For example, during the months between January through April, accounting firms are often found working around the clock because of tax season. Many of these companies will hire temporary workers to help with the extra workload. Another example is when a company is awarded a large project that requires additional IT staffing. The staffing company takes care of the recruiting and hiring, as well as any employment testing, background checks, and drug testing, saving the hiring company both time and money.

Another benefit of the IT staffing company providing extra staffing that companies need on a temporary basis, the company is not responsible for unemployment benefits because of layoffs during the slower periods when not as much staffing is needed.

Overtime Reduction

When a company works with an IT staffing company in Denver, CO for all their needs, they also can reduce their overtime costs. When there is not enough staff for the amount of work that needs to get done, employees are often required to work overtime. This not only adds stress to the company’s operating costs, but it often leaves employees burnt out. This can result in more employee errors as well as more employee work injuries and accidents.

At Prosum, IT staffing Denver, CO residents rely on us for finding the right candidate for an open position. When hiring new staff, it can be difficult to find the ideal person. You want someone who will mesh well with the others, stick with the company long-term, can grasp tasks quickly, and get them done efficiently while having a positive attitude. We understand that every business may have specific qualifications in addition to this, and we can surely include any preferences that you may have in our Denver, CO IT staffing search. In general, most companies want to see the following in potential hires:
Leadership Skills; Employees who show qualities of leadership tend to be the candidates that organizations keep for the long-term. Those with leadership qualities tend to be more dedicated and see themselves involved in a company for years to come. They may also have the potential to move up the ladder and fill needed management positions, train new employees, and boost productivity in the workplace.

Excellent Communication (Written and Verbal); When running a search for IT staffing in Denver, we know that every successful employee must have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. During an in-person interview, many companies look for candidates that use eye contact and can speak well. Whether a person has good verbal and written communication skills can certainly make or break the brand of a company.

Intelligence (Educational and Emotional); In today’s workplace, many companies are searching for new hires that have both emotional and educational intelligence. In fact, emotional intelligence is actually a very strong indicator of job performance. Potential candidates who are sharp and can connect with others in the workplace are more likely to be hired than those with only a strong educational background.

Strong Work Ethic; Honest, dedicated, and hardworking employees who pop up in Prosum CO IT staffing searches, can ultimately contribute to high morale within a business. These people often have an energy that radiates and motivates others too. Hardworking employees can be trusted to work independently and are the ones that usually stick with one job for many years. These candidates can be harder to find, but you can rest assured that Prosum has got you covered.

Active Listening Skills; Employees who listen only to respond and get defensive can be challenging to work with, and tend to be the type that doesn’t receive constructive feedback well. Employees who have active listening skills can also catch on more quickly, tend to follow rules, and get tasks done properly. These candidates are frequently adept at maintaining good relationships with their superiors and coworkers, along with establishing trust with clients. These people can excel in management, customer service, sales, and other roles that focus on client needs.

If you need help finding the right people to fill roles at your company, then you can rely on Prosum to locate these great candidates through Denver, Colorado IT staffing searches!

Why Do Candidates Use an IT Staffing Agency?

While we have shared many of the benefits a company will enjoy when they retain the services of a Denver, CO IT staffing agency, one of the most important to consider is the pool of potential candidates your company will have to choose from. Not only do agencies go out and seek candidates, but many of those candidates actively seek out the services of the agency. Rather than “knocking on doors” themselves trying to get a hiring manager to take notice, a strong candidate understands the benefits they gain by working with an IT staffing agency. The following are some of those benefits:

Opportunity Expansion

A qualified candidate understands that many professional companies utilize the services of an IT staffing agency, whether the company is looking for permanent employees or just temporary staffing. The candidate knows that the agency is working hand-in-hand with the agency, rather than try to find the right candidates, while still addressing their other job responsibilities. This leads many candidates to reach directly out to the agency for assistance in placement.


Not all candidates are looking for long-term employment. Some may only be looking for short-term to fulfill their own personal and professional needs. Since Denver, CO IT staffing agencies often assist employers with their short-term staffing goals – such as special projects or seasonal employment – many of those candidates turn to agencies, as well.

Finding the Right Career Choice

A candidate might not be sure which direction they want to go in with their career. Working with an IT staffing agency can answer these questions, without having to make a long-term commitment. Some of the areas a staffing agency can help them determine include:

· What area of the profession they are interested in that their skills and background qualify them for?
· Are they looking for long-term, full-time opportunity, part-time, or temporary?
· Are they looking to work for a particular company and are unsure if the company would be a good fit for them?

Another benefit of working with a staffing company is that the candidate can also take advantage of any testing and training the company offers. This gives them the opportunity to see where their skills are best suited, as well as enhance the skills they currently have. These opportunities can result in benefitting both the candidate as well as the employer that ends up hiring them.

To find the right candidate for your company, contact a Denver, CO IT staffing company. Call Prosum and find out how we can help.