IT Services Los Angeles, CA

IT Services Los Angeles, CA IT Services Los Angeles, CA

Prosum provides a wide range of professional IT services for companies in the Los Angeles, CA area. This includes managed services packages such as full-time, round the clock monitoring of software and servers to secure data storage that is off-site, cloud migration and maintenance, telecommunications, help desk support, voice services, and much more. Prosum is a Los Angeles, CA tech company that specializes in offering proactive IT support and services at competitive rates that offers a high return on investment. Those companies that wish to have a consistent monthly budget for IT expenses and also minimize the likelihood of costly surprises will do well to have our specialists at Prosum provide support and technology management services.

Managed IT Services in Los Angeles, CA

We recognize the critical nature of downtime and how it can devastate a company’s bottom line in a very short time. In addition to potentially destroying customer confidence when systems go dark, a company must consider the risk of network security breaches as well as lost revenue. Liability issues can also arise. Prosum offers an alternative to these scenarios with top drawer managed IT services in the Los Angeles, CA area. Our specialists can prevent data loss with virtualized recovery systems, encrypted storage, automatic and remote backups. Learn more about how we can help you achieve the protection your company needs without sacrificing productivity.

Continuity Strategies and Data Recovery

For many companies whose services do not include software and hardware development, their IT department (if they have one at all) may lag significantly behind current industry standards in terms of training, certifications, and knowledge of current threats and challenges. If a Los Angeles, CA company’s core strengths do not include IT services, they should not be expected to necessarily be able to meet today’s demands. Prosum can develop the continuity strategies that your company needs, basing them on current workflows, potential vulnerabilities, identified threats, and current resources. Data recovery will be handled similarly; the methods used will reflect your company’s best practices and instituted with professional-grade security that meets compliance requirements. Data loss can be reasonably prevented through the use of virtualized recovery and encrypted storage dependent upon systems developed by Prosum specialists.

Network Protection and Optimization

Establishing and maintaining business-class network reliability along with consistent performance is paramount for a company to be successful. Reaching these goals is dependent upon several factors including entering into relationships with the appropriate Internet provider, hosting company, and a network services company such as Prosum. Our specialists provide round the clock network monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades so that companies can focus on their core strengths and keeping their bottom line healthy.

Data and Network Security and Compliance

Cybersecurity should be on any company’s list of priorities, but often is not because the company is not within the IT industry and so does not have the capability or resources to perform due diligence. That’s where Prosum comes in. Our specialists assist companies throughout the Los Angeles, CA area with customized IT services that include data and network security, ensuring that a company fulfills their compliance requirements, thereby reducing their liability and risk.

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