IT Recruiter El Segundo, CA

IT Recruiter El Segundo, CA IT recruiter El Segundo, CA

Prosum is an IT recruiter in El Segundo, CA that serves companies of all sizes and commercial sectors. Our clients include small to mid-size companies, enterprise level firms, and companies with multiple campuses. Our IT recruiter team is well-versed in a wide range of technical specialties and the needs of companies in the El Segundo, CA area. This is critical because the IT field is wide-ranging and technical by its very nature; Prosum IT recruiters have a depth of understanding about current and legacy hardware, software, services, programming, and more. If your company has staffing gaps and deadlines to meet, Prosum can provide you with pre-screened, qualified candidates. Our established and ever-growing IT network allows for fast placement of individuals in cases when a company desires to fill positions as soon as possible. If your company is seeking IT candidates within the El Segundo, CA area, contact Prosum to learn more about how our recruiter can make a difference.

A Comprehensive Network of IT Specialists

Prosum’s network of IT specialists include those who are actively seeking new employment as well as those persons who are consistently open to new opportunities. Employees in the IT sector who wish to remain relevant within the industry will seek additional training, certifications, and new responsibilities. This greatly contributes to turnover, and companies that wish to remain competitive may periodically experience talent gaps while also wishing to attract the brightest and the best IT specialists as new hires. Prosum greatly reduces the burden on human resources departments by pre-screening individuals and proactively contacting candidates on a local or national level as per a company’s request. Our candidate information is constantly updated which also saves time and frustration for companies that have deadlines to meet.

Prosum’s Recruiter Places a Wide Range of IT Candidates in El Segundo, CA Companies

If you are located in the El Segundo, CA area, talk to our Prosum recruiter about your IT staffing gaps. We will work with you to place the right candidates as soon as possible without sacrificing quality. Many of the IT fields for which we place candidates include the following areas, positions, and specialties:

Programming Languages: Visual Basic, C, C++, Visual C++, Objective C, C#/.NET, Ruby on Rails, Fortran, Pascal, PowerBuilder, Perl, Novell, Assembly (CISC, RISC, 680×0, 80×86), Basic, Shell programming, JavaScript, JAVA, php, Tcl/Tk, SQL, Oracle, CORBA.

Operating systems:
Windows OS, Macintosh, Unix (including Solaris, Red Hat, Sun OS, and HP), Windows server, virtual machines (including VMware), and real time operating systems.

Graphics development: DirectX, OpenGL, 2D, 3D.

Quality assurance testing:
white box and black box testing, SQA Comparators, SQA Test Log Viewer, Winrunner, Silk, QA Manager, SQA Robot, QA Partner, Rational Visual Test, and Test Director.

Technical writer: all major software applications and hardware.

Networks: Ethernet, LAN, WAN, UDP, TCP/IP, etc.

GUI development: Visual C++, Visual Basic, X-Windows, ODBC, SDK, JDBC, Developer 2000, Motif, MFC, in Unix, Macintosh, and Windows environments.

To learn more about our IT recruiter services for El Segundo, CA companies, contact Prosum today.

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