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IT Recruiter El Segundo, CA IT recruiter El Segundo, CA

The most critical element to the success of any California business is the team of employees who make the company run. Finding those employees isn’t always easy and any type of worker turnover can result in the slowdown of production. This is especially true when it comes to the IT department. A company that doesn’t have a finely tuned IT department will suffer one business hiccup – or worse – after another. One solution to avoid this problem is to retain the services of an IT recruiter El Segundo, CA companies trust, like Prosum.

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring IT Employees

When a company is getting ready to fill a position, they really need to determine what specific role the person in this position will have. Too often, especially during times where an increase in the amount of work results in an acceleration of hiring new employees, defining these specific duties and responsibilities may not get clearly defined which can have a negative impact on the company’s production.

Another mistake that hiring managers sometimes make is hiring someone who has an outgoing personality or friendliness but may not have the education or experience the position really requires. While having an employee with a great personality does bring a lot of benefits to the company, it is really the professional background of that candidate that will determine the success of that candidate in that position.

Sometimes, the hiring manager may be drawn to the friendlier and outgoing candidate without the experience over the candidate who may be more introverted but has more experience and/or education than the first candidate, just because of the “human” connection that these interactions can have. An El Segundo, CA IT recruiter knows, however, that the best candidate will have both a great personality and a great professional background.

Another mistake that companies sometimes make when hiring is to not utilize a collaborative hiring process. While hiring managers, supervisors, and Human Resources staff all have input into identifying what qualifications job candidates should have, many overlook the value of input from current employees who will be working with the person who is ultimately hired for the job. These employees are keenly aware of what the job will involve and can provide hiring managers with insights into all the factors that should be considered when filling the position.

Finding Balance

While all the above factors are important to remember when hiring a new employee, it is also important to the hiring process to remember to find balance when considering each of these suggestions. For example, while a collaborative process is valuable, those who have the final say in the hiring process should keep in mind to not involve too many people in that collaboration.

Many companies that are ready to hire IT employees turn to Prosum. Each IT recruiter in El Segundo, CA has extensive experience in working with companies and finding them the best candidates for the positions they are looking to fill. Call our office today.

Prosum is an IT recruiter in El Segundo, CA that serves companies of all sizes and commercial sectors. Our clients include small to mid-size companies, enterprise-level firms, and companies with multiple campuses. Our IT recruiter team is well-versed in a wide range of technical specialties and the needs of companies in the El Segundo, California area. This is critical because the IT field is wide-ranging and technical by its very nature; Prosum IT recruiters have a depth of understanding about current and legacy hardware, software, services, programming, and more. If your company has staffing gaps and deadlines to meet, Prosum can provide you with pre-screened, qualified candidates. Our established and ever-growing IT network allows for fast placement of individuals in cases when a company desires to fill positions as soon as possible. If your company is seeking IT candidates within the El Segundo, CA area, contact Prosum to learn more about how our recruiter can make a difference.

A Comprehensive Network of IT Specialists

Prosum’s network of IT specialists includes those who are actively seeking new employment as well as those persons who are consistently open to new opportunities. Employees in the IT sector who wish to remain relevant within the industry will seek additional training, certifications, and new responsibilities. This greatly contributes to turnover, and companies that wish to remain competitive may periodically experience talent gaps while also wishing to attract the brightest and the best IT specialists as new hires. Prosum greatly reduces the burden on human resources departments by pre-screening individuals and proactively contacting candidates on a local or national level as per a company’s request. Our candidate information is constantly updated which also saves time and frustration for companies that have deadlines to meet.

Prosum’s Recruiter Places a Wide Range of IT Candidates in El Segundo, CA Companies

If you are located in the El Segundo, CA area, talk to our Prosum recruiter about your IT staffing gaps. We will work with you to place the right candidates as soon as possible without sacrificing quality. Many of the IT fields for which we place candidates include the following areas, positions, and specialties:

  • Programming Languages: Visual Basic, C, C++, Visual C++, Objective C, C#/.NET, Ruby on Rails, Fortran, Pascal, PowerBuilder, Perl, Novell, Assembly (CISC, RISC, 680×0, 80×86), Basic, Shell programming, JavaScript, JAVA, php, Tcl/Tk, SQL, Oracle, CORBA.
  • Operating systems: Windows OS, Macintosh, Unix (including Solaris, Red Hat, Sun OS, and HP), Windows server, virtual machines (including VMware), and real-time operating systems.
    Graphics development: DirectX, OpenGL, 2D, 3D.
  • Quality assurance testing: white box and black box testing, SQA Comparators, SQA Test Log Viewer, Winrunner, Silk, QA Manager, SQA Robot, QA Partner, Rational Visual Test, and Test Director.
  • Technical writer: all major software applications and hardware.
  • Networks: Ethernet, LAN, WAN, UDP, TCP/IP, etc.
  • GUI development: Visual C++, Visual Basic, X-Windows, ODBC, SDK, JDBC, Developer 2000, Motif, MFC, in Unix, Macintosh, and Windows environments.

To learn more about our IT recruiter services for El Segundo, CA companies, contact Prosum today.

How an El Segundo, CA IT Recruiter Uses Technology for Recruiting

When you retain the services of an IT recruiter in El Segundo, CA to fill your company’s IT employee needs, you also want to make sure that the recruiter is taking advantage of all the latest technology to meet those needs. Unless these tools are being utilized, your IT recruiter will be at a serious disadvantage of identifying the best talent for your company.

Digital Files

The most obvious change should be the conversion of paper files to digital files. Your technical recruiter in El Segundo, CA should have eliminated the system of storing hard copies of resumes and applications in manila file folders, crammed into rows upon row of file cabinets. Today’s successful recruiter know that converting and storing these files in digital format saves time and space, and just makes the whole process more efficient.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that utilizes intelligent machines that can react and work just like humans. AI tools can be used to source potential candidates, administer assessment tests, schedule interviews, and give candidates regular updates regarding where they are in the process. This allows the El Segundo, CA technical recruiter more time to focus on other tasks.


Chatbots are software applications that conduct online conversations in place of having a conversation with a live person. Chatbots can answer basic questions and provide general information. By utilizing chatbots, an El Segundo, CA technical recruiter can qualify a potential candidate without actually having a conversation. This helps weed out unqualified candidates, without wasting time that the recruiter can use to focus on candidates who are qualified.

Social Media

While social media didn’t start out as a place for businesses to promote and advertise, they have certainly become just that over the years. Social media platforms are a great place to reach a greater volume of potential candidates from across the country and beyond. A technical recruiter who smartly utilizes these platforms can also build a following of high-quality candidates who may be interested in new opportunities.

Increasing Diversity and Eliminating Bias

Since AI screening allows technology recruiters to check out candidates based just on their work history, experience, and skills and not their names or backgrounds, there is no pre-screening bias. For example, a recruiter may be more partial to a candidate who graduated from the same college, but by using AI screening, the recruiter will only be aware of the degree the candidate obtained, not where the degree came from. Utilizing AI also promotes more diversity and helps companies see what areas their recruitment may need to focus on.

Using Video for Interviewing

At one time, video interviewing was only utilized on rare occasions, but these days it has become often become part of the interviewing process. Not only is video interviewing more convenient, but it is also more cost-effective and helps to move the hiring process along quicker than trying to arrange in-person interviews.

If you are interested in learning how an IT recruiter El Segundo, CA companies recommend, call Prosum today.