Cloud Security El Segundo, CA

Cloud Security El Segundo, CA Cloud Security El Segundo, CA

Many companies that do business in El Segundo, CA do not necessarily understand the importance of cloud security when it comes to safeguarding their best interests. When data in the cloud is breached, it can trigger a chain reaction that results in a loss of customer confidence, negative publicity, reverse growth, and costly liability claims. Prosum is an El Segundo, CA that provides cloud security guidance, implementation, and management for companies that wish to safeguard their future. When businesses team with us, they can feel confident that our best practices, risk management, and expertise will benefit them in every way possible. To find out how our experts can assist your company in El Segundo, CA with bolstering your cloud security, give us a call.

The Advantages of Moving Applications, Data, and Services to the Cloud

Best practices demand that companies generate backups of their data, applications, and other digital assets and store that material in a location that is separate from their physical offices. This ensures that should disaster strike at their onsite office, their backups will remain safe. Historically, that material was often placed on tape backups and physically moved off site to another physical location. However, this was a laborious and time-consuming process with no promise that the secondary location was safer than the primary location. In today’s world, a high percentage of assets are digital. This makes it easy and convenient to run applications as well as backup content to another digital location that is off-site, such as “the cloud”. What is the cloud? The short answer that it is a location on a server in a distant location and is accessible through the Internet. What remains is ensuring that any content that an El Segundo, CA uploads to the cloud is transmitted and stored with security as a paramount consideration. Prosum help El Segundo, CA companies maximize the benefits of using the cloud while also safeguarding their assets.

Migrating Applications, Data, and Services to the Cloud

The majority of companies do not begin with running their applications and saving data in the cloud. As a result, at some point they will have to migrate their assets to the cloud, and this process is often quite extensive and complex. The end result is a gain in flexibility, lower IT costs, convenient access, and an effective backup method. But if the migration is not handled correctly and proper safeguards put into place, a company’s assets and sensitive customer information will be at risk in the event of a security breach. Prosun’s specialists are cloud security experts and work closely with El Segundo, CA companies from the onset. We build a customized cloud framework that meets a company’s needs and matches their optimum workflow. Robust security is a primary consideration at each step of the way. With a solid and secure structure in place, a company can grow their cloud presence with peace of mind. Prosum offers ongoing monitoring and maintenance of a company’s assets in the cloud to ensure that they remain safe into the future.

To learn more about the cloud security services that Prosum offers to companies in the El Segundo, CA area, contact us.

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