When Your GM Becomes Your Help Desk

How Prosum simplified Nova's IT

Something was definitely wrong. Annette, Nova’s General Manager and a power user, found herself going desk to desk, fixing email and re-installing software. Clearly, Nova had outgrown its one-man IT staff.

It was this moment when Sue Chen, Founder and CEO of Nova, decided she needed help. And fast. So she called Prosum.

Within days, the Managed Services team was on the scene performing a technology assessment, analyzing documentation and drafting a roadmap. “It was done in a very professional way,” said Chen. “I was super impressed. In fact, I took notes.”

As the Prosum team uncovered Nova’s technology challenges, they also learned that the departure of the previous IT provider had not been amicable. So they followed up with thorough checks for malicious tools and backdoors as well as a series of penetration tests. Once Nova was on secure footing, the team could really get to work.

…from the entire onboarding process, to the calls, to all the little things and the big things, top to bottom, left to right, it’s been a really great experience.


Their ultimate goal was to make sure Nova’s IT became effective, reliable and drama-free. “We focused our efforts on monitoring, reporting and analysis,” said Prosum’s Andrew Salisbury, “We wanted to get ahead of things before they had a chance to break.”

Nova was also provided with a personal IT Manager, a real person focused on their business. The personal nature of the engagement impressed Chen. “With Prosum, every person at every level treated us with respect and compassion and thoughtfulness – a lot of words you don’t use in the world of IT. It’s an IT services company with a heart.”

Chen was also surprised that having Prosum’s breadth of expertise at her disposal cost only a little more than she was paying her previous IT manager. Said Salisbury, “We’re able to cover a broad gamut of technologies. Most companies can’t afford a part-time Exchange expert, a Citrix expert, a SQL expert and so on. But with our services, they can.”

Best of all, Annette no longer had to act as Nova’s help desk. For this and other reasons, Sue Chen couldn’t have been more relieved. “There are very few things more important to the health and stability of my company than who is holding the keys to my IT services…from the entire onboarding process, to the calls, to all the little things and the big things, top to bottom, left to right, its been a really great experience.”

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