VCA Gets Flexible with Microsoft Solutions

Partnering Smarter

Our agreement with VCA Animal Hospitals is a bit unique. But it didn’t start that way.

It began as a standard proof of concept for Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization Technology – this was just one of many Microsoft solutions that VCA used to keep its constantly expanding network of hospitals running smoothly. Throughout the Hyper-V project, VCA liked Prosum’s efficiency and expertise. So when they needed a System Center Operations Manager to help them monitor and tune their Sharepoint servers, they called again.

It wasn’t long before VCA had asked Prosum to analyze their overall Microsoft infrastructure and make improvements throughout the ecosystem. That’s when we began to talk about a different kind of relationship.

It’s not just the depth of our Microsoft expertise, it’s the breadth – from Office 365 to SQL to Azure to Exchange to System Center to Sharepoint, and the list goes on.


“We have such a breadth of resources and capabilities, that VCA was constantly using different Prosum consultants,” said Prosum’s Mark Maruyama. “So we created a flexible blanket agreement that allows them to engage our consultants on an ad hoc basis.”

So far, VCA has made good use of the model, utilizing the full gamut of Prosum’s Microsoft solutions practice on more than 20 projects over the last two years. “It’s not just the depth of our Microsoft expertise,” said Maruyama, “It’s the breadth of the areas in which we do have depth. From Office 365 to SQL to Azure to Exchange to System Center to Sharepoint, and the list goes on.”

And, importantly, our Microsoft experts know how to integrate each of those pieces together. Which is why, as VCA’s network continues to expand, they trust Prosum to be there with the right solutions at the right time.

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