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L.A. Works Day of Service 2015

This past weekend Prosum volunteered at L.A. Works Day 2015, Los Angeles’ largest day of service! This year’s day of service was a lovely mix of 300 gallons of paint, 40 yards of mulch, 200 shovels and over a thousand corporate and community volunteers who came together to transform South East L.A!

Team Prosum arrived at the event bright and early to help the event run smoothly by setting up tables, chairs, and signage.

Get Your IT Flowing

Several years ago, I met Ken Venner, who, at the time, was CIO of Broadcom. Ken talked about IT and corporate services being “like air” – something that simply flows around you unnoticed and unobtrusive, enabling everything you do. These traits describe what I call “Utility level IT”: neither creating obstacles for your business nor invigorating it with increased efficiency.

Is Your IT Department Holding Your Business Hostage?

In my last article, I outlined four levels you can use to measure each of your departments’ operations: Obstacle, Utility, Enabler and Differentiator. Did you discover that your IT department is operating at the ‘Obstacle’ Level? Then there’s a good chance you are in an all-too-common situation: the IT hostage crisis.

S.T.E.A.M. Resume Workshop

Prosum hosted a resume writing workshop for the Roosevelt High School’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) Pathways and College Track program. Over 20 students attended the workshop, undeterred by the prom festivities the night before!

Mentors from Prosum discussed possible career paths in STEAM and also shared their own stories.

S.T.E.A.M. Interview Workshop

Team Prosum returned to Roosevelt High School to host an interactive Interview Workshop for nearly 30 STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) students. Prosum mentors prepared the students for mock interviews by providing examples of appropriate interview attire and demeanor.

The Salvation Army

On Saturday morning, 16 Prosum volunteers went to the Salvation Army Bell Shelter to help them fulfill The Salvation Army promise of “Doing the Most Good.” Synonymously, the meaning of the Latin word “Prosum” is “to do good.” Our similar goals set us up for a successful and rewarding experience.

Rethink Your Departments

Offices have long had ‘fronts’ and ‘backs.’ The front is what the customers see: Sales, Customer Service, Leadership, etc. The back is the operational stuff: HR, IT, Finance, etc. You expect your front office to lead, innovate and discover new horizons.

Prosum Community Soccer

Soccer has always been a hot topic in the Prosum halls. When we broadcasted the World Cup in the large conference room, our IT Manager, Jay Groves, noticed that there were a lot of soccer fans and players that worked here. He then decided to spearhead Prosum United, our very own co-ed soccer team.

IT Hiring

On the supercharged merry-go-round that is the current IT talent market, how can you hope to build a base of loyal full-timers? First, adjust your expectations. Never expect any employee to stay indefinitely – especially considering this fact: the Society of Human Resource Management estimates the average IT tenure at around 3 years.

Los Angeles Food Bank

For the past three years, Prosum has volunteered at the Los Angeles Food Bank warehouse to provide a helping hand in the assembly line for this massive distribution. From sorting donations and building pallets, to quality checking and building kits, Prosum was up for the task.