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Security: The Perimeter is Dead! Long Live Identity!

Authors: Will Udovich and Steve Andrews

You’ve likely heard a lot about security in the last six months. Between crypto-ransomware and security breaches at some of the world’s largest companies, it seems that the security practices that have kept us safe for years no longer are doing the trick… but why?

Let me take you on a brief journey.

Ransomware 'WannaCrypt' Alert

As a result of a recent, widespread attack on Microsoft Windows Systems, Prosum is providing the following information  in order to ensure rapid action to remediate the attack vectors allowing the ‘WannaCry’ (Also known as ‘WannaCrypt’) crypto virus to spread.

Why Your Search for an IT Superhero May Actually Be Your Undoing

Author: Josh Tofteland, Vice President

There’s an IT crisis brewing in your company. You’re understaffed and overwhelmed and looking to the skies for someone to swoop down to the rescue. You watch. You wait. And nothing. Where is that super-certified crusader of code, armed with your lengthy list of “must-have” requirements along with a utility belt of impressive “nice to haves?”

Forget it.

The BI Journey: Part Five

Author: Carol Jenner, Sr. Business Intelligence Architect

We're coming to an end of the Business Intelligence (BI) series, and I hope you can see how the journey can help you improve your organization’s BI maturity. If you are just joining us, be sure to read the first four parts of the BI Journey series covering these topics: What is the Business Intelligence (BI) Journey?, Why Your BI Journey Should Start with a Data Strategy, The Early Stages of the BI journey, and The Middle Stages of Your BI Journey.

Veeam Backups and Microsoft Azure StorSimple

The Microsoft Azure StorSimple appliance can make a suitable repository for Veeam backups in many scenarios to provide a simple, disk-to-cloud backup solution for archiving and disaster recovery. Use the following guidelines to help define a solution that fits your organization.

Prosum’s Denver Team Moves to Larger Office Space

Less than two years after opening Prosum’s Denver office, we have packed up and are settling into a larger office space to accommodate our growing team and client base. The new Denver office is 5 times the size of the old space, allowing us to better serve our clients and provide a more collaborative working environment for our current and future team members.

On-Demand Webinar: How to Accelerate Your Move to Microsoft Azure

Cut your cloud planning and migration time in half!
Whether you have already begun your transition to the cloud or are planning to get started, this webinar can help save you time and money. Speakers from Microsoft and Prosum share a proven approach for building a cloud action plan, and demonstrate tools to quickly and effectively prioritize and size workload migrations to ensure maximum business impact.

The BI Journey: Part Four

Author: Carol Jenner, Sr. Business Intelligence Architect

In part three of this series we explored The Early Stages of the BI journey. In Part four, we will discuss the middle phases of the BI journey that will ultimately set the stage for the payoff of BI – using data to aid in making business decisions.