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5 Elements that define an effective digital workspace

The future of work is a far cry from the traditional office environment, where people used to be restricted by a lack of connectivity and interoperability. Not one industry sector has escaped the rising tide of digital disruption as businesses leverage new technologies to tap into talent from around the country and beyond.

Is disruption really good for business?

Disruption has become one of the most popular buzzwords in the business world. Originally used to describe ideas and technologies which could transform industries, it has since come to be closely associated with digital solutions. For example, artificial intelligence (AI) is often referred to as a disruptive technology, as is blockchain, big data, and even cloud computing.

Is your business ready for growth?

Thinking about growing your business is exciting. Whatever growth means for you, whether it’s physical expansion, increase in customers and sales, or additional products and services, you need a growth strategy. And this is where many business owners make a mistake — they don’t have infrastructure, systems, and processes in place that can accommodate growth.

7 Smart strategies for planning your IT budget

Every IT manager knows that planning an IT budget isn’t easy. You have to consider an accurate reflection of your business goals, technology requirements, and economic realities.

According to the 2019 Gartner CIO Agenda survey, 2019 IT budgets for digital initiatives, shadow IT countermeasures, and cybersecurity have increased, thanks to the favorable business climate.

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